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Chinese Vocab Twister!

Vocab Twister!

Most students nowadays enjoy playing while learning. Therefore, as an early childhood teacher, this is something that we shouldn’t miss to include in our daily plans. As a matter of fact, playing games in your classroom will not only make your class’ vibe extra positive, but will also help the kids retain vocabulary words you include in it.

 Twister is a game of physical skills and mostly played in retreats, family gathering, parties etc. Normally, kids love to participate in this game for they get to twist their bodies and look funny.

 Twister is a very fun and exciting game and it is played on a large plastic mat that is spread on the floor or ground. The mat has four rows of large colored circles on it with a different color in each row: red, yellow, blue and green. A spinner is attached to a square board and is used to determine where the player has to put their hand or foot. The spinner is divided into four labeled sections: right foot left foot, right hand and left hand. Each of those four sections is divided into the four colors (red, yellow, blue and green). After spinning, the combination is called (for example: “right hand yellow”) and players must move their matching hand or foot to a circle of the correct color.

 Although this may be a little complicated for small kids, we can change the rules and customize the game rules suitable for the skill that we want the students to develop.

 Shown below are some photos of Pre-Kindergarten students playing Vocab Twister. This twister game is designed and customized so they may develop their skills in reading (recognition), speaking and listening skills.

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