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Grade 4 & 5 Mandarin Foundation

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Grade 4&5 Foundation  Chinese – Mr. Arenas


Hi! This week, the 4th and 5th graders of Chinese foundation class learned vocabulary words about countries and languages. Students learned different countries and shared their traveling experiences using the grammar structure “我去过….”. They also learned the languages spoken in these countries and shared their experiences with it. They were tasked to write these words and use it in a sentence every after class to apply learning and get more comfortable in using the language.



Please find below, the summary of lessons we’ve taken up this week.  You are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in preparation for next week’s lessons and for upcoming assessments:


Topic for the week Countries and Languages
Learning outcomes
  • Pronounce the words correctly
  • Understand new words
  • Use Chinese to identify names of countries
  • Answer Chinese questions
  • Write sentences about this topic using vocabulary words
Vocabulary Vocabulary:





Sentence pattern:

  1. 你去过什么国家?我去过….
  2. 你会说什么语言?我会说…
  3. 在家里,我跟妈妈说广东话。
  4. 你在学校学什么语言?
Review material
  • Easy steps to Chinese 2
  • Handouts and Notebook 12



Teacher Mavy





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