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Nursery Go pets!

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Nursery Chinese – Mr. Arenas


Hi! Nursery students are learning pets and animals in Mandarin. Students were very excited as they got to know more about the common pets we usually get for our home. We learned how to say dogs, cats, birds and fish in Chinese. We even sing Chinese rhymes about dogs and cats 《小狗乖乖》;《三只小猫》. We also did different activities to reinforce the learning of these words such as “go fishing” ; “catching a bird” etc. Students also learned to recognize the Chinese characters for these animals and learned to say them correctly.


Please find below, the summary of lessons we’ve taken up this week.  You are welcome to use this as a reference for reviewing Chinese lessons in preparation for next week’s lessons and for upcoming assessments:


Topic for the week Pets and animals
Learning outcomes
  • Identify the pets
  • Pronounce the words correctly
  • Identify Chinese characters
  • Identify pictures
  • Sing songs and rhymes
Vocabulary Vocabulary:




Sentence pattern:

  1. 我爱小狗/猫/鱼/鸟。
Review material


Teacher Mavi




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