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Let’s grow some 豆芽!

Students in Kindergarten are learning fruits and vegetables in Mandarin class! Recently, the students are able to learn and identify fruits and vegetables in Chinese. They are also developing the ability to read Chinese characters for the following fruits and vegetables:


  • Apple 苹果
  • Banana 香蕉
  • Orange 橙子
  • Strawberry 草莓
  • Grapes 葡萄
  • Pineapple 菠萝
  • Peach 桃子
  • Watermelon 西瓜
  • Mango 芒果
  • Papaya 木瓜
  • Ponkan 桔子
  • Cherry 樱桃


  • Carrot 胡萝卜
  • Potato 土豆
  • Tomato 西红柿
  • Mushroom 香菇
  • Bitter melon 苦瓜
  • Chinese cabbage 大白菜
  • Eggplant 茄子
  • Pumpkin 南瓜
  • Cucumber 黄瓜
  • Beansprouts 豆芽
  • Onions 洋葱
  • Pechay 小白菜

Kinder students recently started growing their own beansprouts to understand the growth of a plant. Green Beans or Mung Beans were taught to them to understand where beansprouts came from. They are making a small experiment in Chinese class by growing their Green beans or Mung Beans into an edible beansprouts. 

The kids are having fun and so excited to see the final product of their mini experiment. It teaches them to be more patient and responsible in taking care of their own plant. In a few days, the long wait will be over and they will be able to witness the beauty of their Green Mung beans.

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