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Math Tip 101: Taking and Using Notes

In many math classes, there are times when the teacher lectures. Sometimes
the teacher writes key words, examples, and explanations on a whiteboard
or a projector. Sometimes the teacher uses presentation software like
PowerPoint. The examples may be the same or different than the examples in the

As a student, you need to listen, understand, ask questions, and take notes. For
many learners, the very act of taking notes helps them retain the material. Notes
also are a record of what your instructor thinks is most important and a source of
help for doing homework.

When you are taking notes, you are writing, listening, and thinking about new
material at the same time. If you search the Internet for note taking in math, you will
find many different systems for organizing and using your notes. What you choose
to do depends on whether your teacher expects you to always take notes, how fast
you can write, how much you need to watch (not just listen) to learn, and how your
teacher presents the information. For most students, the system they use is not as
important as having a time as soon after class as possible in which they rewrite and
organize their notes, connecting the notes to the material in the textbook.

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Welcome Back Dragons!

Time, perhaps, is one of the most bittersweet sensations we have here in the world. Two months to enjoy pleasure without school. One month to spend time travelling, exploring the world. One week to prepare one’s self before classes resume again.

Aside from studying the process of photosynthesis, calculating the value of x and identifying the grammatical errors of your classmate’s reaction papers, does anybody know the true essence of why you really have to go to school?

In a person’s lifetime, and second to home, or sometimes even more, school is actually one of the places where one experiences the best moments in his life.

It’s a place where you learn how to deal with your personal problems; a place where you learn how to be a lot creative, smart and talented; a place where you show the best that you can be; a place where you surpass your limits. It’s beyond, anything else, the one and only place that can boost your self-confidence. So you can be a lot successful in life.

Given yet another school year, it’s time to face new challenges again.

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IB Math HL2

Welcome to the start of a new school year 2017-2018!

I do hope you have had a good summer. I am very happy that I am your IB Math HL teacher this school year.

This year, you will be studying the secondyear of the IB Math Higher Level  curriculum. The IB DP’s Mathematics curriculum is comprised of six topics at the HL Level. These include algebra, functions and equations, circular functions and trigonometry, vectors, statistics and probability and calculus plus option which is calculus. You will also be working on your internal assessment throughout this portion of the course.

I encourage you to contact me directly through email ( if you
have concerns or questions. 

Looking forward to an exciting new school year!