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Grade 7 students had the chance of applying the concepts they have learnt in Ratio and Proportion when they baked Oreo and chocolate cupcakes, red velvet cookies and S’mores last Friday, 22nd of September 2017 in Culinary and Arts Room during their Math block.

The class was divided into 4 groups and were given an option to have their preferred recipe which is only good for 40 minutes. Apart from baking, they have to observe safety and sanitation and has to ensure that their workplace was cleaned before they sell their baked products outside the cafeteria. Food tasting was done as well by selected teachers.

In doing so, the class was able to earn and was taught on how to compute for percentage profit. Groups were given options to decide whether 100% of their profit will be donated to support Student Council’s projects or just a portion of it or split the profit among the members of the group.

All groups have decided to donate their profit (some are in full and some are in partial) to the Student Council through Mr. Bengco, our COO.

To wrap up the activity, students were able to reflect as well on what have they learned, what were the problems faced and solutions made and how will they rate the activity, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Looking at how hard the students worked that day and the joy in their faces is truly, a Learning for the Real World.

Gracia D. Tamayo
Grade 7 Math Facilitator







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