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IB Learner Profile: Reflective

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The new school year always sets the mood for reflection wherein we look back to the year that was and come up with resolutions to make the next year a better one than before. As IB learners, you are encouraged to reflect not only towards the end of the year but in every opportunity you get. Reflective learners are learners that look beyond their mistakes. They assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to enhance their learning experience in and out of the classroom.

Look beyond your mistakes. Yes, mistakes can be frustrating especially when you know that you could have done better. That’s very common in Math class, isn’t it? But you should learn to look past those mistakes. Look at this as an opportunity to become better not only in Math class but in the other subjects as well. As IB students you are in-charge of your own learning and you are responsible to take action in response to the learning experience you are going through. Your teachers are there to provide you with the support that you need in order to gain the utmost learning experience that you need so as to become global citizens. However the learning experience is not solely dependent on the teacher but on the learner themselves.

As the IB student, you are in charge of assessing your capacity as a learner in order to take appropriate steps to meet the expectations set by IB. The learning experience is not a stressful experience. It is actually a fun and nurturing experience that opens doors of opportunities for you.

In spite of this you are not alone in your journey of learning, there are a number of people who walk, run, cry, laugh, and cheer you on. Your family will always be your stronghold in times of difficulty because they have been the consistent people in your lives ever since you were born. Your friends will always be your number one supporters no matter what because they see and understand what you are going through. Your teachers will always be willing to guide you because they know that you are still a work in progress. Lastly, you, yourselves, who hold the sails will direct which way your life will go.

—-Teacher Charles—-

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