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Ending the year with High Distinction

L- R Mr. Lee Miller, Ronan Uy, Kun Kim, Mr. Tim Boulton

L- R
Mr. Lee Miller, Ronan Uy, Kun Kim, Mr. Tim Boulton

On December 8, 2017 at Manila Grand Opera Hotel, 49 Medal Awardees and 158 High Distinction Certificates Recipients for Math were presented to and recognized by the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) among the thousands of students who participated this year.This is the first year that MTG Philippines conducted this ceremony for winners. On the first year of this event, we are greatly proud that two of our Math Wizards were able to make it to the list. Kun Kim and Ronan Uy of Grade 10 both received the certificate of High Distinctions. This award is given to those students who belong to the top 1% of all the students who participated in the country. The certificates were presented by no less than Mr. Lee Miller, head of the Sales and Marketing Division, Educational Assessment Australia, UNSW Global Pty. with the presence of our Head of Schools, Mr. Tim Boulton.

It is such a joy to end this semester with such pride of having two amazing students who are ending their 2017 with High Distinction!

“As far as you can see is as far as you can be.”


—Mr. Jose Paulo Santiago—

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Happy Holidays!

It has been a wonderful first semester! Being a neophyte faculty at CISM, I could honestly say that I am enjoying my stay here- students are extremely good looking, smart and hardworking! My colleagues are just amazing! Support staff are superb!

Cheers to another semester, dragons!


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Sem1 Final Exam

Hello to all my CISM students! How are you all doing? It’s been a while but here you go again, soon to undergo the processes of testing! Most of you wouldn’t want to be examined in Mathematics because you fear of failing and getting a horrible grade at the end of the quarter. Such is the most popular reason. However, you shouldn’t be! Never fear math exams. And why is that so? Two reasons. First, doing your Math exam is just like traveling to some place new. For you not to get lost, you must follow directions carefully. You’ll get there safely if you did. The scenario in math class parallel to that of traveling is: you are taught instructions and techniques to solve problems easily. You just have to learn how to use them wisely. Seriously, if applicable on the situation, you can even do shortcuts if you wanted to!  Second, when you are tested, you can measure how far you’ve learned things in Math! You’ll know the exact numbers of your mathematical wits from 1-60! If there’s no examination, then, there’s no application of learning. Attending classes for the sake of just… going to school is a sad waste of time and tuition fee! Realize this. But beyond everything, with all my heart, dear students, I know you can pass my test because I am sure… you didn’t sleep in my class! More Math power to all of you!