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Math 6: Applied Problems involving Linear Equations in One Variable

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Applied problems are those which are solved by using algebraic techniques. There is a great number of applied problems that can be translated into linear equations in one variable.

The following steps might be helpful in solving every applied problem.

1. ANALYZE: It consists of finding out the given, the conditions imposed by the problem and what is supposed to be answered.

2. REPRESENT: It involves the process of selecting and assigning a variable to the unknown quantity and expressing all other quantities in terms of the unknown quantity as described by the conditions imposed by the problem.

3. TRANSLATE: It consists of rewriting in the problem to a mathematical sentence using the variable in step 2.

4. SOLVE: It involves the process of finding the value of the unknown quantity in the mathematical sentence in step 3.

5.  CHECK: It involves verification of the solutions with the condition of the problem.

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