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OneNote as my School Aid

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Note taking… how do we organize it?

One of the problems I’d like to emphasize here is how we organize our notes. Over the years we have develop this practice of safeguarding our notes or documents, download files pictures and even clips that we feel are necessary or simply because they are good information. But alas, after all these gatherings and storing these “stuff” we literally end up with… stuff!

I have been searching the net and even have been into forums asking about what’s their best practice when it comes to organizing your notes. The best answer was OneNote.

OneNote is a Microsoft-based program that helps you with all your note taking… and more. It’s literally a digital notebook but better. If you have been using OneNote you’ll understand what I’m saying. So just to simplify things, here are some of the best benefits of OneNote that I truly am thankful for.

• Note taking by typing, handwriting, recording Audio or Video. Note taking has never been so flexible. If you’re fast in typing, or would rather write your notes by hand, OneNote allows you to do both. Say you can’t catch up with the lecturer’s speed or can remember a topic by seeing it, recording via audio and video is also possible with it.

• Automatic Saving. Have you ever experience typing something then the program closes? And worse when you open it up again it’s either it wasn’t saved or only part of it was saved. With OneNote you don’t have to save what ever you are doing since it saves it automatically

• Endless and Freedom of Space. When we use word we are limited to a size of a paper, but with OneNote we have an almost limitless space. When using our notebooks, we decide where to write, same is true with OneNote. Just click on anywhere and you can write, paste, post attach or link almost anything anywhere. It even gives you an option on resizing what you have written to make it bigger or smaller.

• Organization. Another thing that I truly love about it is the organization of the notes. Imagine having a notebook that is divided into sections and each section contains a page that is almost limitless in space. You can label your notebook, the Section and even the title of the page. And it even allows you to sort them out according to how you’d like them to be. Oh did I mention you can even assign color coding for these? How cool is that?

• Attachments. This is something that OneNote edges way above a regular notebook. You can attach almost anything to it such as (to name a few) word documents, excel sheets, PowerPoint, pictures, PDF files, audio, websites, articles from websites, Videos (that can be played in it) etc.

These are just a few of the things that you can do with OneNote and it’s free. You can even use OneNote over a pc, a Mac, Linux, Android, iOS… on your Phone, tablet, Laptop or desktop. And it synchronizes your notes in all your devices.

I know I may sound like I’m advertising OneNote, well probably your are right. But here’s the thing, I’m not getting paid for this. It has been such a great help in my work that I couldn’t help but share my best practices.

Lastly, as a math teacher this has been a great tool for me because of its math application included. So if you’re looking for a way of organizing your notes and doing something more, maybe you should try it. Who knows.

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