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Ring-gle bells! Ring-gle bells! Ring-gle all the way!

Identify the number of ring-gle bells you hear before Yuletide season and New Year’s Eve.



And since the number of dates marked in our calendar nears coming into life,

I have here just a few reminders for you to keep on your memories:

1. Go and enjoy family and friendship get-togethers and party like you never did before! It’s good to spend some time having a blast after a period full of school work. Have a great time then!

2. The coming holidays are sure to bring fun full of laughs, don’t you think? If you would spend your time not letting go of what hurts you in the past, therefore, these holidays got no use for you. Remember that being happy and choosing to be happy with a dash of amusement is always a choice no matter what.

3. Don’t party and procrastinate without your brain. When you get back to school on January 2016, be sure that you have equipped your memories with something Mathematical and have completed the task I have assigned you.

And that’s it!

May you all have a great time, dear students!


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