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IB Math SL1 – Statistics

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HG Wells, famous English author of The Time Machine, once wrote, “Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read.” That time has come. We now need statistical thinking or the ability to weigh the merits of different options based on whatever available data we have.

When you hear the word statistics, you most probably think of graphs, batting averages, percentages of employed and unemployed persons and in general, tedious and boring descriptions of society and nature by means of a set of numbers. True, statistics involves organizing and representing numbers, however, it does much more than this.

Next month, we will be studying statistics and its applications to the different disciplines.  You will need Statistics when doing your Math IAs and other IB subjects. In IB Psychology, both descriptive and inferential statistics are required in your IAs to get the significant difference of the independent variables. In IB Business Management and Economics, your knowledge in interpreting graphs is an essential tool to fully understand the data

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