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Testing/Submission Days for Summative Assessments

  • Mondays – Maths/ English
  • Tuesdays – Sciences/ Social Studies
  • Wednesdays – English/ Maths
  • Thursdays – Chinese Mandarin/ Sciences/ Social Studies
  • Fridays –Chinese Mandarin


Note:  Subject in bold face chooses that day of the week as its first choice of a day for conducting assessments.


Formative Assessments may be given on any day that the class meets.

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What’s Up at Middle School?

This week and next, our students are doing summative assessments needed to show their mastery of the unit(s) they studied for the first quarter, which ends on October 5th, Friday.  With this in mind, we teachers hope that parents will try to help their children be focused on studying and meeting all their subject requirements.

Grades on Powerschool will be available for student and parent viewing on October 12th, Friday.  This way, when parent-teacher conferences happen on Monday, October 15th, parents know what to ask their children’s teachers:  tips for helping their children improve their grades in the 2nd quarter.

October 10th and 11th are no-class days for students since faculty will be undergoing a two-day intensive workshop on Service Learning with one of the internationally accalimed gurus in this field.

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