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In anticipation of November

After the four-day break this semester, it will be warp-speed ahead, so to speak, for our students in Upper School who will be working on fulfilling the rest of the academic requirements for this semester, as well as preparing for the final assessments in all their CORE and non-CORE subjects.  These will be administered during the first week of December, 3-7th.  This school year, no final written examinations will be given at the end of the first semester.  Instead, alternative assessments will be done:  varied types of portfolio submissions and oral presentations in English; Modern Languages; Social Sciences; investigatory projects in Math and Sciences; and practical assessments in the non-CORE subjects.  Making our students accustomed to non-written end-of-term assessments is a good way to prepare them for IBDP courses in high school. Internal assessments (IAs) in IBDP subjects are often project-based or have an oral component, such as an oral presentation or interview.

We encourage our students to have a restful break so that when classes resume November 5th, they can focus on the workload ahead and satisfactorily meet all the requirements of each subject. We gently remind parents to support their children’s school work by making sure that the home environment is conducive to study, that their children’s health is consistently monitored to avoid risks that are health-related, and that their children’s social activities outside of school are supervised to make sure that Stephen Covey’s “First things first” habit is practiced.

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Gentle Reminder to CISM Parents

We would like to remind all our parents and/or legal guardians that our Student-Parent Handbook for SY 2012-13 clearly defines the Attendance Guidelines of the school.  Please make an effort to read this precious document (found inside the Resources section).

CISM does not support parents’ decisions to take the students for extended family vacations especially when the school calendar clearly differentiates the dates for holidays from those for classes.  Absences incurred due to this reason (i.e. family vacation) and others detailed in the handbook are considered unexcused.  As such, students cannot make up the school work they will miss on the dates they are absent from school.

For everybody’s guidance, please!

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CISM Celebrates United Nations Day!!!

As an international school, CISM has made it a tradition to celebrate United Nations Day every year.  Today, October 24th–annually proclaimed as UN Day all over the world–we join our counterparts all over the globe in honoring the existence of the United Nations and upholding its values, notably respect for all people regardless of race, creed or gender.

Food from different nations will be sold in the school canteen today from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  Grade 6 has chosen Spain as its nation to celebrate; Grade 7 selected China and Grade 8 France!!!

Thank you to the parents who have graciously helped with table decor as well as with bringing in yummy delicacies representing these countries’ food fare.

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Upper School Student Handbook for SY 2012-13

It’s been uploaded here!  Just go into the Resources heading and access a pdf version of it.  All school regulations, pertinent to your child’s school life at CISM for this school year, may be found in this comprehensive resource material.

Students, ignorance is no longer an excuse!  To be forewarned is to be forearmed, as Mrs. V. always says.

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Using Powerschool

Students and their parents will have access to powerschool via their respective student and parent user names and passwords, starting October 12th, Friday. An official letter from the Deputy Headmaster will be sent to the parents via their children during 7th block, Life Skills class.  Parents should make sure they get this from their children.  The widget for Powerschool (P) is found on the top right hand side of the school’s website.

Please keep your user names and your passwords private and confidential.  To find out the individual grades of your children for a particular subject, click on the grade and the screen will display another page that shows all the grades recorded up to October 9th, Tuesday.

October 15th, Monday, is PTC Day, a no-class day for students.  It might be in the best interest of your children if you asked them to come with you during your conferences with the subject teachers, so the children can also contribute to the discussion about improving their performance for the rest of this semester.

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