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Another quarter over . . . a new one about to begin

Middle School students end their first quarter of the school year today, October 5th. All formative and summative assessments have been done, and now teachers are grading and recording outcomes in Power School.  Next Friday, the 12th, parents and students will access Power School to review the overall academic performance for the quarter that ended.

We teachers are hoping that parents help their children set goals to improve their performance in school subjects for the rest of the first semester.  Effective strategies in time-management are at the forefront of learning how to improve.  It is important to plan ahead so one is not overwhelmed with the school work when deadlines are near.  Middle School students also have some adolescent growing-up issues to learn to hurdle.  Among these are exercising self-control in  their words and behavior in school, especially while classes are going on and during breaks.  Respect for other students’ and teachers’ rights by listening attentively in class, being open to other people’s opinions, especially those that differ from one’s own, and maintaining neatness and order inside the classroom and in the corridors are among the vital values that our Middle School students should strive for.

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