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It’s time to show our teachers what we’ve learned!

Semester  exams are a way for students to show their mastery of the skills they learned during the term.  Special Subjects, Art, Drama, Digital Literacy, Music and Physical Education, had final performance assessments this week, May 20th to the 24th.

CORE subjects, English; Math; Science;Social Studies; and Chinese Mandarin, will have written final examinations from May 27th to May 29th.  These comprise 10% of the final semester grade of a student for this term.

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Service Learning at CISM

This semester, the entire Upper School Division, composed of Middle and High School units, has made Friday last block’s focus five global issues:  Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss; Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation; Intellectual Property Rights; Marine Safety and Pollution; and Drugs.  The selection was influenced by the participation of selected CISM high school students in the Global Issues Network (G.I.N.) student conference held at the Singapore American School (SAS) last November 2012. These representatives joined other students from international schools in Asia who were delegates at that conference.  Together, they planned different projects that would show how they intended to address these global issues, not only as a group but also as a school, when they returned to their respective schools.

For almost five months, all our students in the Middle and High units have formed into their respective GANG groups to come up with one major project for this term.  They will make a presentation to the CISM community on Friday, May 17th.

It is our hope to continue what we started this semester when we return in August 2013 for a brand new school year.  The stone that has been cast into the water will have ripples that will expand into bigger ripples and waves.  This will be a sight to behold!

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CISM’s Got Talent!!!

Next week, our school community will showcase the pool of talents from students, faculty and staff in a performance that should rock the house!  There’s still time to submit your name to the Student Council officers and class reps, so shed the inhibition and volunteer.

Talent show will be held on Friday, May 10th, during the 1st block in the MPH.

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Celebrating the Arts!!!

In a couple of weeks, CISM will be hosting its annual Festival of the Arts:  a showcase of the artistic and performing talents of our students. It is our hope that parents will be supportive of their children’s endeavors in their respective Art and Music classes.

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