Middle School

Middle School Teachers GRADES 6 - 8

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‘Tis the season to be merry!!!

Semester break is always a time for relaxation and reflection!  We think about how we intend to do better not only in our academic performance but also in the different co-curricular activities and sports we plan to participate in for the next semester.

Here’s wishing that when we return for 2015, our New Year’s resolutions will be kept for the entire year.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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Celebrate the joy of reading: November 24th-28th!

November is the National Month of Reading this year in the Philippines !  The Upper School and Lower School Libraries have a number of engaging activities guaranteed to revive everyone’s interest in and love for books!  Check out the Library’s page under the Student Support section of this page.

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Winding down the first semester

In two weeks, final examinations for the first semester will be underway.  Parents can help their children review properly for these by making sure that the study environment at home is conducive for focusing and concentrating on school work.  Proper nutrition for teenagers is also necessary to ensure that the children are eating the kinds of food that will help them improve their grades: foods rich in protein and calcium; fresh vegetables and fruits.  Other distractions, such as television and movies, should also be minimized.

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