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Easter 2017

While we did not make that big a deal out of Easter this year, we did try to ensure that many of our activities were Easter-themed, while still being in line with our curricular topics.   It was quite fun for the children to be doing their Math topics but with an Easter bunny hopping about on the worksheet they’re answering, or hunting for eggs to count the money they could find inside.  Aside from these, we were also able to make Easter Egg themed sun catchers, and listen to Easter themed stories.

Perhaps the highlight of our Easter celebration was our Easter Egg Hunt, which we held on the Friday before our Easter break.  During outdoor play, the children searched for various plastic eggs that we had hid earlier.  The kids seemed to have a blast, and it was especially nice to see how they helped one another look for eggs, particularly when they noticed their classmates didn’t have any yet.

Here are some photos of the week that was.  As always, please click on the photos to go to our flickr page, where there are even more photos to see :)


We're Going on an Egg Hunt!

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt!

Making Egg Suncatchers

Making Egg Suncatchers

Math Money Egg Hunt

Math Money Egg Hunt

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Market Time!

To make our unit on money more meaningful, the second grade students learned all about Philippine currency.  We looked at the different coins and bills used in the Philippines; we also solved various story problems about Philippine currency.

As a practical application to the unit on Philippine money, the second grade classes went on a trip to Wellcome, our neighborhood grocery store.  They were each asked to bring Php100, and were given parameters with which to go shopping.  They needed to buy a drink and a snack for themselves for that afternoon’s Easter celebration in class.  They were not allowed to buy junk food, soda, or candy.

It was a fun experience taking the kids to the grocery store and watching them make good decisions, while evaluating whether they had enough money to buy what they wanted.  The kids were also made to line up and make their purchases on their own, which they had a blast doing.  They made sure to keep their receipts as well to show to their parents after.

Here are photos of the kids as they contemplated what to buy, and as they went about shopping at the grocery store :) More photos on our flickr page, where there’s a whole album just for this event!

IMG_2864 IMG_2866 IMG_2872 IMG_2879 IMG_2880 IMG_2888

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Learning About Home Countries — Indonesia and Russia

The last few countries to visit on our “trip” to learn about all the different home countries of our classmates and friends were Indonesia and Russia.  We invited the parents of our students from these countries, and they did an amazing job of sharing their culture.  The kids were thoroughly engrossed and had a wonderful time playing the different games they taught, as well as trying out the different food from these countries.  Thank you again to our wonderful parents for coming and sharing your time and knowledge with us!! <3

Here are some photos of the fun we had!  Click on the photos to bring you to our flickr album :)


Playing Tug-O-War


Trying out blinis :) YUM!!!


Learning an Indonesian Dance


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Oh My Volcano!

In Science class, we have been learning all about fast land changes.  One cause of fast land change is the eruption of a volcano!  We got to learn all about volcanoes by watching videos, reading and researching from books and the Internet, and from discussions in the classroom.  After we learned all about volcanoes, we performed an experiment where we were able to make our own volcanoes and make them erupt.  It was really cool!! :)

Here are some photos of what we did!

IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2571 IMG_2572 IMG_2575 IMG_2576