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The Splendor of Indonesia

The third quarter of the school year finds us continuing our exploration of the home countries and cultures of our friends.  The last country we learned about was Indonesia.

We learned a lot about Indonesia, such as their native language (Bahasa), their geographical make-up (an archipelago, just like the Philippines!), and even some cool inventions they’ve contributed to the world like Kopiko candy and the Polygon bike!

One interesting thing we learned about Indonesia is that it has an abundance of volcanoes.  One such volcano we learned about was Mt. Krakatoa, whose eruption in 1883 “was one of the deadliest and most destructive volcanic events in recorded history” (Wikipedia).  In relation to Mt. Krakatoa, we also learned about a festival celebrated in Lampung called the Lampung Krakatau Festival in which many various activities were held.  One of these activities had to do with children flying kites.  To join in the celebration of the Lampung Krakatau Festival, we made our own kites in the classroom, and took them out for a spin down along the empty driveway of school.

Here they are working hard on their kites :)



They wanted to decorate the kites as well :)

IMG_2494IMG_2492They had a great time making the kites, and were so excited when they heard that they would be able to fly them during outdoor play that day.

IMG_2497 IMG_2503 IMG_2505 IMG_2513 IMG_2507 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2512 IMG_2511

It was amazing to watch the glee on their faces as they tried to get their kites up as high as they could.  I think they enjoyed the running part a lot as well :p

As a culminating activity to our exploration of the Indonesian culture, one of the parents of our Indonesian student came in to demonstrate an Indonesian ice dessert called es teler.  The kids were able to have a hand in preparing the dessert, and were able to have a bit of it as well once it was done :) They really enjoyed the dish!  A lot of them had commented that it is similar to our Filipino dish halo-halo.  It was great to see them drawing similarities and differences between the cultures we have been learning about these past months :)

Here are some photos as they prepared the dessert:

These fruits are so yummy!

These fruits are so yummy!

Pouring in the different ingredients! :)

Pouring in the different ingredients! :)




That looks really really good!!! :)

That looks really really good!!! :)

Now for the best part -- eating!!

Now for the best part — eating!!

Thank you for spending the morning with us and for teaching us how to make that yummy dessert! :)

Thank you for spending the morning with us and for teaching us how to make that yummy dessert! :)

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The Animal Kingdom

In Science class this month, we’ve started to learn all about the animal kingdom, as well as the habitats in which they live. As part of an introduction to the animal kingdom and its different groups, the children were asked to explore what certain groups of animals had in common.  From this observation, we were able to describe and differentiate the different animal groups.

A special treat for the children was also when both second grade classes were able to visit the Upper School laboratory of Ms. Madhu, in which she shared samples of preserved insects and animals that she had.  The children really enjoyed being inside an actual lab; they also found the preserved animals pretty cool to see.

IMG_1740 IMG_1741 IMG_1742 IMG_1743 IMG_1744 IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1754 IMG_1755

The children were also asked to differentiate the characteristics of the various groups of animals, learning to compare and contrast.  They worked in pairs to help hone their interpersonal skills; it also helps them to have someone to discuss their ideas with.

IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1758 IMG_1759

As part of our study of the animal kingdom, the children also worked on identifying different examples of the various animal groups.  Their notebook work consisted in activities that had them cutting, drawing, coloring and writing — honing their fine motor skills and appealing to their creativity.

IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1777

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Ready for 2018!

Class started last January 8, 2018 and boy did we hit the ground running!  After 3 weeks away, it felt good to get back into the classroom and get the gears in our brains moving again.

As expected, all the kids had a lot of stories to share about their three weeks off of school.  We started the day by thinking of one particular event we really enjoyed, and sharing that with our classmates.  During Language Arts class, the kids were given time to write a narrative about what they did over the break. Everyone was excited to write down what they did, and they got a lot of writing done. :)

Plants and Seeds

This quarter, in Science, we are learning all about plants and the plant life cycle.  Our first lesson is on the different parts of a plant, and the functions of each part.  We started out with an experiment where we put food coloring into a glass of water, and stuck a stalk of celery in the glass.  We will revisit the stalk of celery next week to see what kind of conclusions we can draw from what we observed.  Here are some pictures of us doing the initial part of the experiment :)


We only needed a few drops of the food coloring into the water


Now to put the stalk of celery in! :)

We also learned a bit about seed dispersal, and explored ways in which seeds are dispersed.  We did some role playing too — video of which I will try to upload soon! :)

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Book Week 2017: The Book With No Pictures

For Book Week 2017, our class decided to do The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak, as it is one of our favorites to read aloud. Such a nondescript book, but it brings about so much laughter each time we read it!  It was quite a challenge though to figure out how we would present our “book blurb” as well as do our costumes.  In the end, we thought to go with the overarching theme of the book — that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  We found a song with precisely that line, and had a lot of fun singing and dancing to it.

Grade 2ML presents...

Grade 2ML presents…

The Book with No Pictures! :)

The Book with No Pictures! :)

The costume was another story! How would you dress up in theme with a book that didn’t have any characters and pictures?  Well, we dressed up as the book instead!  We wore white shirts and jeans, and stuck a printout of the cover of the book on the front of our t-shirts.  Then, we printed out a bunch of the colorful and funny words from the story and stuck them on our backs — sort of as a way of showing that the funny aspects of the book are a surprise, being on our backs and only being visible when we danced with our backs showing.

IMG_9825 IMG_9826 IMG_9827 IMG_9212Though we didn’t win any prizes, we definitely did have fun presenting our book blurb! If you haven’t yet read the book, definitely check it out because it remains to be one of our favorite books for story time still :)