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Ready for 2018!

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Class started last January 8, 2018 and boy did we hit the ground running!  After 3 weeks away, it felt good to get back into the classroom and get the gears in our brains moving again.

As expected, all the kids had a lot of stories to share about their three weeks off of school.  We started the day by thinking of one particular event we really enjoyed, and sharing that with our classmates.  During Language Arts class, the kids were given time to write a narrative about what they did over the break. Everyone was excited to write down what they did, and they got a lot of writing done. :)

Plants and Seeds

This quarter, in Science, we are learning all about plants and the plant life cycle.  Our first lesson is on the different parts of a plant, and the functions of each part.  We started out with an experiment where we put food coloring into a glass of water, and stuck a stalk of celery in the glass.  We will revisit the stalk of celery next week to see what kind of conclusions we can draw from what we observed.  Here are some pictures of us doing the initial part of the experiment :)


We only needed a few drops of the food coloring into the water


Now to put the stalk of celery in! :)

We also learned a bit about seed dispersal, and explored ways in which seeds are dispersed.  We did some role playing too — video of which I will try to upload soon! :)

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