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Busy Bees in Second Grade

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April has come and gone, and boy has it been an exciting month!  It’s amazing to think that we are at the final stretch of the schoolyear.  Where has the time gone?


Our second graders have definitely done a lot of growing these past months, and sometimes I can’t believe that the kids in front of me are the same ones I had back in August.  They’re more independent, more confident, and more inquisitive than ever.


Read on to see what the Grade 2ML kids have been busy with!


A Day at the Farm


For this schoolyear’s field trip, the Grade 2ML & Grade 2MP went to Holy Carabao Holistic Farms in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Holy Carabao Holistic Farms was put up by two moms who were concerned with where their produce was coming from, as they wanted to ensure that their children were eating safe and nutritious produce.


Our field trip started off with an introduction to what the farm was about, and what they did at the farm. This was given by none other than the two founders of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms — Hindy Weber and Melanie Teng-Go. They showed the children a video about “holistic farming inspired by organic, biodynamic, and permaculture principles,” as well as the importance of not using GMO’s.  The kids were also able to explore various types of soil, literally getting their hands dirty with these as they were able to see the difference between healthy and unhealthy soil.


The kids also played a game in which they were divided up into a few groups, and they had to harvest worms from the soil. The winner of the game is the group that had the most number of worms at the end of the time limit. Admittedly, a few of the kids were a little bit squeamish about having to touch the worms, but once they realized that the worms wouldn’t hurt them, they really got into it.


After our session indoors, the kids were led outside where they were able to feed the animals, explore the gardens, and play a reverse scavenger hunt in which they had to find all the harmful things (like fertilizers and GMO’s) scattered around the crops.  They also learned about the wonders of composting, and how compost helps grow healthy crops. They were able to visit a nursery, “harvest” vegetables they would want in their salads, and plant crops.


One of the other highlights for the kids was the carabao ride, in which they were able to ride a cart pulled by a carabao. The kids also played with the bunnies, chickens, and goats that roamed the property.


We left the farm happily talking about all the fun things we did that day, and about all the amazing things we learned. It was definitely a treat for our city kids! :)

Below are a few of the photos from our field trip. There are maaaaany more on our Flickr account :)


Here we are listening to the founders of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms


They taught us a lot of interesting things!


Time to get our hands dirty!!!



Worms are actually really good for the soil :)


Reverse scavenger hunt — take away from the garden the things that are harmful to the plants!


We also met some newborn baby piglets! :)


Carabao Ride!!! :)

IMG_2602 IMG_2623 IMG_2633 IMG_2636 IMG_2658 IMG_2690 IMG_2705 IMG_2710

Carabao Ride! :)

Carabao Ride! :)

Show Me the Money!

Math class had us learning about money these past weeks.  We started with exploring barter trade, and branching out to the history of money, and learning about how money came about. We engaged in role-playing to understand barter trade, and how although it was a good idea, it wasn’t a perfect way to conduct business.

We then explored US currency and how to use it. We sang songs about pennies, nickels, quarters, and dimes. We played games that had us adding up coins to see how much money we had, and we role-played selling to understand how to make change.

Philippine currency, as the currency that we use everyday, featured in our lessons as well. We took a look at the new currency of the Philippines, as well as watched videos about the new coins that have just come out, or are about to come out.

To culminate our lessons in money, the Grade 2 classes took a mini-field trip to Wellcome Supermarket, around the corner from school, to get hands on experience in using currency. The children were given a budget, and were told they needed to evaluate whether what they wanted to buy would fit within their budget. They were also given parameters for what they could buy — they could get one drink, and one snack, both of which needed to be healthy, or at the very least, not junk. It was fun to see them exploring the aisles of the supermarket, mentally calculating whether they had enough money for their goods. After our trip to the supermarket, we went back to the classroom to take a look at the receipts we collected from our activity. The kids absolutely loved feeling all grown-up buying their own things, and they were happy to have had an extra snack for that afternoon as well :)

What's a healthy snack?

What’s a healthy snack?

Should we buy this?

Should we buy this?

Yogurt, of course! :)

Yogurt, of course! :)

Here are out picks!

Here are out picks!

Time to pay :)

Time to pay :)

Bagged and ready to go

Bagged and ready to go


We are Ready for Chapter Books!

This month, for Language Arts, the children were encouraged to pick a chapter book from the library that they wanted read. They were given time to read independently in class, and at the end of the week, they were given a poster they had to fill out about the books they read. We called these posters their Book Report Posters.

The aim of these posters is for them to be able to share what they read, as well as give their opinion — backed with detailed reasons — of the book they read. After they did their posters, they were asked to present their posters to the class. It was great to see the kids talk so animatedly about their books, particularly those who absolutely loved the stories they read. An added bonus is that some of the kids who felt they weren’t ready for chapter books realized that they could actually handle reading longer books, and were more inspired to read chapter books going forward!

Independent reading time to prepare for our book reports!

Independent reading time to prepare for our book reports!

IMG_3963 IMG_3964

Presenting our Book Reports :)

Presenting our Book Reports :)



We take a lot of photos in class. As not everything is featured on our blog, I tend to just put them all into albums for perusal. Should you wish to see all the photos, they’re uploaded onto our Flickr account! :)

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