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Diving into Second Grade

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August and September have flown by, it’s amazing to think that this class has only been together these past two months.  It feels like we’ve done so much already in that short span of time.

The kids have been busy working and learning every day. They have quickly and easily settled into the second grade routine, and are enjoying all the new responsibilities and lessons they’re experiencing in this new grade.

Science seems like a favorite part of our day, as we spend a lot of time doing hands on experiments and activities. The children have been enjoying watching changes in matter, as well as learning about reversible and irreversible change through observation of materials.

Math continues to be a challenging but fun class, as we spend lots of time solving math problems on our white boards, as well as using our Unifix cubes to represent numbers.  We also get to play fun games in Math class :)

The children have been enjoying the Language Arts classes, too; we read many different short stories and selections, both fiction and non-fiction. We have also been learning about sentences and nouns. We put our learning to practice by writing stories.

The Philippines is our main focus in Social Studies class, as we learn about the country we live in. The kids enjoyed finding out about how life was before they were born, and were amazed to hear about the pre-colonial days.

Playtime is a crucial part of our day as well, as they build their relationships through social interactive play. Their creativity is evident in the various role-playing games they do, often engaging the entire class in their games.

Below are some photos from the past 2 months. Should you wish to see all our photos, please check out our Flickr account! :)


First Day of School!


During Indoor Play, we do games like Snakes & Ladders


Sometimes we play Rush Hour


On the first day of school, we got creative and busted out the Play-Doh :)


Having fun at the play area with some blocks :)


We celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival by playing Dice Game during Mandarin class!!!


Engineering the best bridge

IMG_7170 IMG_7349 IMG_7358 IMG_7473 IMG_7976 IMG_7980 IMG_8012 IMG_8110 IMG_8114 IMG_8132 IMG_8136 IMG_8142 IMG_8364


Learning new Math vocabulary through a game :)

It’s been great having these kids in class! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year goes :)

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