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Singapore Splendor

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One of the countries we learned about this past month was Singapore. For such a small country — known as the “little red dot” — there sure is a lot to learn!  Its history is so interesting, and so are its people.

One of the things we learned about Singapore is that there are three major races who make Singapore their home — the Malays, the Singaporean Chinese, and the Indians.  Because they are so diverse, the contributions they make to Singaporean culture make it so rich and interesting.  One of the things we learned about in Social Studies this month was how people would meet and greet each other.  Did you know that the customs varied according to race, and even whether they are a boy or a girl??  We had a lot of fun learning about the different ways people interact with each other in Singapore; we even did a role playing activity to demonstrate what we’ve learned.

Here are some photos of us as we showed the different ways the various races in Singapore interacted with each other.

IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0339 IMG_0340 IMG_0341 IMG_0342 IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0346 IMG_0335 IMG_0336

Book Week 2018

For Book Week 2018, our class chose a book by David Shannon called A Bad Case of Stripes. . It was about a little girl named Camilla Cream who was so very worried about what everyone thought of her that she even refused to eat her favorite food just because she thought that people would laugh at her!  We really enjoyed reading the book, and one of the lessons we picked up from it was that we need to be true to our hearts – we need to be true to who we really are, and not be afraid to be ourselves.  For our book blurb, we chose to perform the song True to Your Heart by 98º from the movie Mulan, because we thought that it would be a fun song that still taught people that they should listen to their hearts.

Here we are in our costumes! We were a little shy in performing, but we also had a lot of fun :)

IMG_0788 IMG_0787

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