Grade 2ML

We’re Almost at the Finish Line!

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In just a few short days, the schoolyear will be over, and with it our days in Grade 2ML for this particular class. It’s crazy to think how quickly the days have flown by, and it is absolutely amazing to see the growth in these children throughout the past year.

We’ve mastered addition and subtraction with regrouping; we learned our shapes and our place values. We’ve read so many books — both together, and independently. We’ve created experiments, tried new kinds of food, celebrated birthdays and milestones. We’ve crammed so much of life into these past few months, and we did a lot of growing.

It is bittersweet on my end — it has been my privilege and honor to have had these kids under my wing these past months. While I am proud of the way they have each grown in their own ways, I am slightly saddened by the fact that I won’t see their eager and smiling faces¬†barrelling into my room at 7:25am everyday.

As we end the year, I’d like to thank all the families for their constant support. It has been a wonderful year with everyone! Here are some photos from the year. As always, the photos are shared on the class photos site on Google Photos :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!!!


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