Learning IT @ CISM

3 Years Later…

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I left CISM in the summer of 2016 to explore the other part of the globe. It was an exciting chapter in my career but there was a calling to come back home. 3 years after, I am back to the school where my love for educational technology began.

It was a different (and emotional) feeling seeing old faces – teachers, staff, and, most especially, students.  I started at CISM in 2010 as a Lower School Librarian turned Digital Literacy teacher. The little kids I taught in my first year are now all teens. I was excited to see them again, as they were to see me!

This school year, I am teaching Digital Literacy 101 and Basic Robotics Programming for Middle School, and Mobile Creativity and Advanced Robotics Programming for High School.  Digital Literacy classes, along with Art and Music, are now offered as elective courses for middle and high school students. Although a different setup from what I was used to,  the Electives program may be a better way of leading students to the path which they would want to pursue for the future.

It  is a fun way for students to learn what they are passionate about, and I am stoked  to be teaching them and learning with them!

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