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Responsible Use Guidelines

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Only use your first name or a nickname when you are writing on this or other blogs.
Never use any other student’s last name.
Never post any personal information–such as your home phone number or home address on this or any other blog.
Never share any of your usernames or passwords with anyone and never log in as another student.
Always tell your parents or teacher right away if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
Be a good online citizen and never write or post anything that could hurt anyone else.
Always check with an adult if someone asks for your phone number or to meet you.
Never make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet without telling your parents first.
Make sure you publish only your own work. Don’t, under any circumstances, use other people’s work and call it your own.
Make sure you proofread your writing before you post it to check the spelling and that it reads okay.

Remember, when in doubt, ask an adult!

  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/