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Kiss (Your Devices) and Make App!

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What if instead of just watching students spend too much time using apps on their mobile devices, we create a way to make those passive moments active learning experiences?

In the continuing effort of the Digital Literacy program to develop creative makers out in school,  students from Gr. 9-10 learned about using the App Inventor. With App Inventor — a joint project of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory — anyone can build an app for an Android phone just by using a web browser and either a connected phone or an emulator. 

It was a surprise what students were able to create out of the programs. Apps created ranged from a basketball game (which I discovered was similar to Facebook’s hidden game on messenger), quiz game for kids, mini golf game, to space game. One pair was able to create a game suited for one of the family’s food business. Another created a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of game. There is just endless possibilities with the App Inventor.

However, more than seeing students take ownership of their learning, observing how they have developed critical thinking skills and being engaged in what they were doing were more than enough reason to using this tool.

Here are snapshots of student creations:

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