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The Correct Computer Posture

CISM’s Technology Class is not just about learning new computer apps or improving typing skills, it is also about developing the overall behavior of the students on technology.

One basic fact that students should know is that sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, for example when studying or using a computer, can be detrimental to their posture.┬áPosture describes the alignment of the joints and good posture means that the joints are aligned in such as way that the passive structures of the body — specifically ligaments and intervertebral discs—are stressed as little as possible. Good postural alignment requires practice and effort, but is also beneficial to one’s health and comfort (Read more).

Students are constantly reminded whenever they are in the Technology class to diligently apply proper posture.  Parents are also encouraged to model and remind their children of this. Here is a video that shows proper computer posture:

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