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How Do Robots Think?

Do they? Some might say robots are just machines and, thus, cannot think. However, they have capacity to make decision based on the programs created for them. This semester, middle school continues with their robotics classes by exploring how robots think.

Robots think by sensing their environment through its sensors. A robot’s sensor is comparable to that of a human being. Robots see through their ultrasonic and light sensors; feel through the touch sensors; hear through the sound sensor; and move through their motors.


Related to this, students were taught how to systematically break down behaviors to solve robotic challenges. Creating flowcharts was a method to demonstrate this learning.


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#CISMakersFest2: Celebrating Creativity

This year’s Makers’ Fest and Scratch Day was a display of students’ creativity and ingenuity. The day started off with a student assembly that featured the best Genius Hour projects of the year.  It was unique a experience for everyone, listening to students share how they learned about their passion.

Here is the link to the Genius Hour presentations:

Opening of the exhibit of students’ creations followed shortly. Creations ranged from Scratch games and interactive stories to originally designed robot explorers. At the end of the day, students gathered again at the MPH for the awarding ceremony.

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Construction Techniques

Having numerous Lego pieces available to create something can make one’s imagination run wild. It is the case for the robotics class. A group may work with an NXT standard robotics kit and another box full of spare parts. However, it is an important lesson to cover how to build and create sturdy structures using the Lego pieces. The mechanical design of a robot is founded on the strength of the NXT elements put together.

Read about the students’ reflections on the different construction techniques:

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