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Tourin’ Ancient Egypt with Gr. 6

6th Graders, for their final assessment, was tasked to create virtual tours of Ancient Egypt using Google Earth. It involved choosing locations, setting views, linking images and videos, and recording of the tour.

The task aimed to achieve the following ISTE Standards for Students:

Creativity & Innovation – create an original project (e.g., presentation, web page, newsletter, information brochure) using a variety of media (e.g., animations, graphs, charts, audio, graphics, video) to present content information to an audience

Communication & Collaboration – use digital resources (e.g., discussion groups, blogs, podcasts, videoconferences, Schoology, Edmodo) to collaborate with peers, experts, and other audiences

Research & Information Fluency – use a variety of digital resources to locate information

Digital Citizenship – provide accurate citations when referencing information sources

Here is the rubric used to rate the finished works: Google Earth Rubric

Here are the submitted recordings:

Religion by Grace & Regina

Pharaohs by Ashley & Jeremy

Lifestyle by Radha & Marcus

Geography by Jia & Seth

Contributions by Sabine & Paola

Social Structure by Vince & Gina


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Water Pollution in Taguig: Gr. 9 Prezi’ntations

In collaboration with Dr. Fernandez, the final alternative assessment for 9th Graders this semester was a presentation about the water pollution in Taguig. Students were tasked to use Prezi and should incorporate the different technology taught during the semester.

The task aimed to achieve the following  ISTE Standards for Students:

Creativity & Innovation - use a variety of media and formats to design, develop, publish, and present projects;

Communication & Collaboration -

  • use available technologies (e.g., desktop conferencing, e-mail, videoconferencing, instant messaging) to communicate with others on a class assignment or project;
  • collaborate in content-related projects that integrate a variety of media (e.g., print, audio, video, graphic, simulations, and models);
  • plan and implement a collaborative project using telecommunications tools (e.g., discussion boards, online groups, groupware, interactive web sites, videoconferencing)
Research & Information Fluency
  • develop a plan to gather information using various research strategies (e.g., interviews, questionnaires, experiments, online surveys;
  • identify, evaluate, and select appropriate online sources to answer content related questions;
  • evaluate information found in selected online sources on the basis of accuracy and validity
Digital Citizenship
  • create appropriate citations for resources when presenting research findings;
  • discuss and adhere to fair use policies and copyright guidelines.
Here is the rubric used for the task: Gr. 9 Assessment Rubric.

Here are the final Prezis presented:

  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/