Learning IT @ CISM

What’s Online?

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And just like that 4 weeks have already passed since the first day of school. For Digital Literacy, it was a time to have the students familiarize themselves again with the digital tools they will be constantly using for learning.

The first week was spent making sure students understand the concept of acceptable and responsible use of technology resources in school. A discussion on the guidelines for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program was also part of the lessons. It was rewarding to have the students know the difference between right and privilege, and access to technology and BYOD as privilege.



In the following weeks, students were exposed to learning about the resources they can use from the library. Aside from the available print and audiovisual resources,  Follett Destiny, the library’s online catalog offers a convenient way of accessing web resources through WebPath Express. Students learned about creating their bibliography and citation lists of resources they use from the library or WebPath Express.



A new online resource which the school has recently subscribed to for our students and teachers is EBSCO. It is an online database that “serves thousands of libraries and other institutions with premium content in every subject area.” Materials include articles from newspapers, magazines, academic journals; primary source documents,  biographies, encyclopedia, images and videos.



Sessions have been allotted in Digital Literacy to learn about using Explora, the school user interface, to maximize access to EBSCO and applying them in the informational and research needs in classes. Both Follett Destiny and EBSCO are available on and off campus.  Please refer to your Edmodo for the username and password.

Learning about these online resources target the research and information literacy strand in the ISTE (International Standard for Technology in Education) Technology Standards for Students, followed by the Digital Literacy curriculum of CISM.



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