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Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year is one of the major events the school celebrates. Students and faculty prepare for this celebration weeks before we welcome the Lunar year.

Last January 24, the CISM family celebrated the Chinese New Year. We started the day watching the Lion Dance presentation with the whole school.

20200124_081525(1) 20200124_082123  20200124_081953

The Lion Dancers also went to our classroom and students had the chance to see them up close.

20200124_083425 20200124_083440 IMG-86bb42fb2fdfb52950b2c6066c76c06a-V 20200124_083619 IMG-0e2674878f7598b519794638d49d9f7d-V

The Lower School had a program in the Gym, where all grade performed. The Nursery class showed off their talents by singing and dancing.


After the morning activities, the students spent the afternoon cooking tikoy. A Chinese desert served during Chinese New Year. The class talked about what it is made of and how to prepare the desert. They also helped in preparing and cooking the desert.

IMG-63bf441833047280a929d12ad30d159c-V 20200124_112139IMG-67fcaf5e4437e6a4560110df294c7230-V IMG-5b321aed636af7515c49b6f7bb09a65b-V IMG-1f04e441fef8c97b2897b58e24c49447-V IMG-6cf5969fb3766d77b716b7b7add3bf32-V 20200124_131827

At the end of the day, we shared the desert with our Early Years family.

It was an eventful day filled with learning as the students were able to learn about the Chinese culture. The Nursery students sure did enjoy their first Chinese New Year Celebration.

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Shapes All Around Us

“The shape of you,

the shape of me,

the shape of everything I see”

-Dr. Seuss, The Shape of Me and Other Things

Just like in every core subjects we have, we also connect every lesson in our day-to-day lives. we give meaning on how these topics can be related to our surroundings. For this instance, students explored on the different shape that makes a person, a thing, or everything they see around them. They found meaning on shapes, not just by its attributes, but by the things they see around them, such as a door, their face, or what shapes can be combined to form an animal or even their whole body.

20190904_100005 20190925_095323

Even if its a Math subject, we always have read aloud to introduce new topics such as numbers and even shapes. We use videos and songs for students to easily remember the concepts being discussed and capture their attention. We have games to ensure that children are having fun while learning.

20190909_090740 20191127_124402 20191127_125241 20191111_101149

Individual activities are centered on learning through play and independent work. We use different manipulative to practice their skills. Centers are in group and individual activities that caters to their readiness in learning and application of skills. We also have art works as well as pen and paper activities. The topics are supported with the centers that the children work on individually.

20191119_133840 20191119_132638 20191119_133531 20191120_130010 20191120_125522 20191120_125737 20191111_102527

Just like school, Math doesn’t need to be scary, it can also be meaningful. In Nursery, we make Math fun so children can have fun learning the concepts that would sure to retain as they move on to other topics.

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October Festivities

This month was the busiest month we had, by far. The school had two events: The UN Day Celebration and the Halloween Celebration.

Each week was filled with learning, as well as preparation on the different events that was about to take place.

The UN Day Celebration started with a program where children from Nursery to Grade 5 took part of. Students and faculty came together and wore different tradition costumes from all around the world.

IMG-7649360272b04058d170890ee9bd5099-V 20191018_074026

Children from Upper School also had activities with the children; they had Cultural workshops where they were shown cultures and tradition of different countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

20191018_095719 20191018_104012

For the last day before the break, the children, together with the whole Early Years division, has an amazing and spooky day to celebrate Halloween.

Students and teachers came in wearing their favorite Halloween costumes. Some were spooky and some were whimsical, but nonetheless, both awesome and amazing.


To set the mood, the classroom doors were turned into different Halloween characters.

20191025_100613 20191025_095644 20191025_095448 20191025_085847

Children went around different centers/classrooms and had some Halloween activities.

They enjoyed dancing to Halloween songs and playing Halloween themed games.

20191025_100035 20191025_082156 20191025_082436 20191025_082320 20191025_082605

They made their own loot bag and turned it into a Jack-o-Lantern.

20191025_083647 20191025_084026 20191025_085631

They prepared a snack: Creepy Crawler; which is made up of chocolate pudding, cookies, and gummy worms.

20191025_090102 20191025_090339 20191025_091010

Lastly, they made their own ‘bat hats’.

20191025_092827 20191025_093017 20191025_093832

The Early Years had a picnic for snacks.


We ended our day having a Trick-or-Treat activity which was prepared by the PSA.

20191025_104145 20191025_104323 20191025_104301

The effort and hard work was all worth it, seeing how the children engaged and enjoyed the different activities.

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Early Readers and Writers

English Language Art or ELA is one of the core subjects we teach as early as Nursery. Even as young as they are, we expose them in books, letters, and writing activities. We read them books to encourage them to develop their language skills as well as comprehension skills. Even though they are not yet readers, reading to them helps in helping them focus and introducing letters.

In ELA, we introduce letters every week. In learning about letters, we teach them the letter sounds as well as to know how to write it properly. Learning about letter sounds will further help them understand how to put those sound together to make a word.

We start each week with a book to introduce the letter for the week. We also process the story to help them understand and comprehend what the story is about.


We also have games to encourage them that learning about letters is fun. This way they can practice recognizing letters and its sound while having fun.


Our Center activities also include reading in our mini library. Although they are not yet readers, they practice their book handling skills, and learn how to use a book properly. They read the book by making stories out of the pictures while also exposing them to letters and words from the books.

20190905_083033 20190927_082034 20190909_084629

During Center activities, we have sound recognition wherein they find words beginning with letters. Also, finding the letter for the week.

20190905_081042 20190909_082419


They also have arts and crafts where they turn the letter to something that begins with the same letter, such as A for Alligator.

20190905_081048(1) 20190923_081506 20190927_080728(1)


We also have puzzle for them to practice on. Puzzles include letters and picture of its beginning sound. Furthermore, puzzles also help them develop their hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.


With our Writing Center, we start by giving them prewriting skills. We practice first forming letters using clay, or blocks, or other manipulative. For readiness in writing, we practice writing letters on sand so they can see how each letters are formed and they practice their stroke by writing on the sand. We have tracing activities and also practice writing by themselves.

20190927_125148 20190927_081530


Children learn in different ways, that is why in Nursery, we expose them to different activities to help them learn more and at the same time have fun with these activities.



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Welcome to the Nursery Family 2019-2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Nursery! My name is Ms. Mackey Molina, and I am going to be the Nursery teacher this year. I am looking forward to having your children in my class.

I graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a degree in BS Psychology and took my Certification for Professional Teaching in Miriam College. It is my fourth year here in Chinese International School Manila, and my eighth year in this profession.

A day in Nursery begins as we gather in the carpet to discuss activities and share information about new experiences. This is then followed by singing songs and moving around – to set the pace for learning through different subject areas.  After lunch, we have time to rest and take a nap. This will energize the students as they continue the rest of the day with more fun and learning.  Play is important in the development of every child; it is an essential part in early learning and we provide this as often as possible. I believe that children learn best when they relate learning materials to meaningful experiences. The children will have opportunities to play together before going home.  We end our day with an afternoon carpet time to wrap up and bid our teachers and friends farewell.

We look forward to a wonderful year of exploring and learning with your child. Thank you for entrusting your children with us. Rest assured that their best interest is our primary goal. You may get in touch with me through the Communications Notebook, my email (mmolina@cismanila.org) or by setting an appointment at the Admissions office (632-798-0011 Local 103 or 116).

Here are some reminders I would like to share with you:


  • SCHOOL HOURS – 7:30 AM – 2:15 PM
  • CLUB DAY – dismissal at 3:30 PM
  • EARLY BIRDS (7:00-7:25 a.m.) – Students leave their bags in their cubbyholes and wait at the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH).
  • LATE COMERS – secure a late slip from Admissions Office
  • DISMISSAL – Students wait at either the Nursery classroom or the Pre-Kindergarten classroom.


  • MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS – your child can come to school wearing P.E. uniform
  • FRIDAYS – Students have the option to wear casual clothes. Nail polish, make-up, jewelry (except for stud earrings), flamboyant hairstyles, and immodest style of clothes (e.g., short shorts, hanging shirt/top) are discouraged. They may come in their casual clothes on Fridays.


  • NOTEBOOKS – Please cover all your child’s notebook with plastic cover.
  • STUDENT PACKET – Supplies will be kept in the classroom to be used for our daily activities


  • Students borrow and return books every TUESDAYS


  • Please make sure that all of your child’s belongings are labelled with their complete name to avoid mix-ups and loses


  • Please send a grooming kit (towel, comb/brush, baby cologne/powder, alcohol, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste and extra set of clothes, including underwear and socks, in case of accidents) with name labels to be left in school


  • Please pack healthy snacks and lunch for your child to be placed in a reusable plastic container.
  • For those buying in the cafeteria, lunch must be pre-ordered on a daily or weekly basis through the cafeteria’s cashier. Orders will be sent to the classroom during lunch time. Please make sure to send cutleries everyday to limit the use of plastics at school.
  • Please have your child bring reusable water bottle everyday
  • MEDICATION – Give this along with instructions to the school nurse.


  • Bean bags and sleeping mats are provided. Please send pillows and blanket for your child to use.


  • Communication Notebook – Check for notes, sign, and send to school regularly
  • We invite you to keep our communication open for concerns as well as to share your child’s success
  • Email: mmolina@cismanila.org
  • Blog: cismconnect.org/mmolina





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A Year that Was

Presenting, the Nursery class of 2018-2019!


This is it!
This moment right now is the youngest you’ll be
Just wait and see!
So maybe step back and take a good look.
-Dr. Seuss

As we come closer to the end of an amazing school year, with such awesome kids, I couldn’t be any more proud of the person that they have become. The Nursery class was filled with joy and love because of these amazing children.

20190424_135044 IMG-ee7fcc83e74e621bbaaa5ab313a7f7a9-V

Looking back, these children first came in with such hope and innocence in their eyes; hopeful for what is to come and innocent of all the things that school is to offer. They entered the room some being so shy, while some too eager to try new things. But altogether made up a family, the Nursery Family.

20181002_130519 received_232437124095735 received_2181069815483181 20180918_104739 IMG-4c56b959f5afb08bd235687f33f8dda3-V

Every day, as they enter the classroom, we sparks in their eyes as they look forward to what their day will be about. Our class was not just about learning letters, numbers, and concepts, but about being a good person and doing things that made us happy. As each day goes by, I saw how much they grew, how much brighter and confident they had become. We met different people, we learned different things; there were good days as well as bad, but at the end of the day, we still are a family.

  20190130_140856  IMG-c886e53daffea242ceea1b2f8a8edddc-V 20190422_085322 IMG-940a21f2b8d2a74b8e50e1226af38e39-V

Our days are filled with learning and fun activities that will children will draw excitement from. We had activities in and outside the classroom, which are also part of their learning experience. Our year was about showing and teaching the children that school can also be fun, and that at the end of the day, they’ll realize that they love their school.

20190426_140450 20190426_140616

Our last month in school was learning about who or what they want to be when they grow up. We focused on learning about the different community helpers and how each one has a role in helping our community. For our last month in school, we focused on learning about the environment.

 20190426_133058 20190426_133119 20190426_134301 20190426_135135

As we close the school year, I can’t help but feel nostalgic that my days of being their teacher has come to an end. But I’m also looking forward seeing them succeed in the next level.


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Awesome April

April was such a busy month filled with learning and different events in school. Aside from the Easter celebration, it was an eventful month for the children.

First, we celebrated the Math Week. It was a week of different games and brain teasers not only during Math period but even during our homeroom time and playtime.

In preparation for the week, the Nursery class made a caterpillar pattern. They chose two colors to work on and created a pattern while forming a caterpillar. After creating their caterpillar, they decorated their works with pompom balls.

20190410_132112 20190410_105625

Some of the activities done during Math week were the estimation jar, where they guessed how many cubes were in the jar. They also created patterns and shapes using tangram puzzles. In class, addition was introduced, which they made use of an addition machine to understand the concept of putting together.

20190425_104942 20190425_111425 20190425_112035 20190425_11223120190425_11220620190425_11221720190425_111653

Next, we also celebrated English Week, which children were able to practiced what they learned in ELA in the activities. They played letter bingo and letter board game. Aside from it being a game, they were able to use and practice what they learned in class.

They also had storytelling activity in class, where they picked out their favourite book and tell the story to their friends. During the last day of the English Week, they came in dressed as their favourite storybook characters.


Lastly, just before the Easter break, we celebrated Easter. Aside from the usual egg hunt, the children were taught how Easter started. In Math, their activities involve comparing numbers using toy eggs, and even their worksheets are also Easter themed.

20190408_123042 20190408_123016

With all the activities and the events, we didn’t even notice that April came to and end. It was a busy month, but it was surely filled with learning and enjoyment.


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We Are Thinkers

“Think left and think right

and think low and think high.

Oh. the thinks you can think up

if only you try”

-Dr. Seuss

It’s the time of the year where in the Nursery class had to prepare and perform for their class assembly. Through the assembly, it gives them the opportunity to come up with ideas and express it through song and dance.

During planning, we talked about our topic and the students were guided in collaborating on how their assembly will go. We, as a class, worked together to create a performance that will convey their message.

The Nursery class was able to showcase their skills and talent during the class assembly. They were able to share their knowledge about the IB Learner Profile: thinkers.


The children planned and practiced for their performance for weeks and was able to successfully convey what it takes to be a thinker.


For the kids, thinkers are coming up with ideas, using their heads in answering the questions, as well as using what they know to solve a problem. Aside from those things, they thought that there are also ways on how to be a good thinker. Like making good choices, thinking about other people, as well as our environment.


The children confidently expressed their thoughts on the topic and was able to convey it well during the assembly. They were really proud that they were able to plan and execute in front of the school and their parents as well.





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Festive February

We started the month celebrating the Chinese New Year. It is one of the biggest event that we celebrate in school. We had different activities that the children engaged in and enjoyed.


The first activity we had was the Lion Dance, a tradition that we practice in school and in the Chinese culture to bring luck and fortune. Together with the whole school, we gathered and watched as the Lion Dancers perform.

20190204_075629 IMG-76da6cdbd6d147d7b63b4fac489a4f29-V IMG-9a60c13979f5b04322d1048ed3b17d30-V

After the Lion Dance, the Early Years and Elementary had a presentation for the event. The Nursery kids sang and danced to the song Gong Xi Gong Xi. They worked hard and practiced for weeks for their performance and we couldn’t be any prouder.

IMG-cd34521bbab06374b98ef52999e36074-V IMG-fc5979e72450d87b46be999a9e657b84-V

Then, we had a cooking activity in the classroom. The Nursery kids cooked Nian Gao or Tikoy, a Chinese dessert served during Chinese New Year. The children helped in preparing the ingredients as well as cooking the food.

IMG-8e6dc7d1f524c9e405ad8a5e96c635f2-V 20190204_103827 20190204_103505 20190204_104449

We ended the celebration by making an art activity. We had them paint, in a caligraphy like, the characters: 四 季 平 安 and 出 入 平 安, which means safe all year. It symbolizes prosperity for the New Year.


It was indeed a festive start of the month. It was a day of celebrating tradition as well as learning more about the Chinese culture.

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100 Days of School Celebration

January 30th marked the children’s 100th day in school. Since the first day of school, children have been anticipating this day as it is a milestone that gives them a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Once they look back to their first day, they see that they are now smarter, wiser, and brighter.


The Nursery, together with the Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten classes had an eventful celebration on their 100th day in school. This celebration also paved way to learning different concepts while having fun.

20190130_091612 20190130_084320

Their day started by coming to school in their 100 year old self. We talked about how they would look like 100 years from now. They were able to distinguish how old and young people look like. They even mentioned how they would look like their grandparents when they are 100 years old.


We gathered all together and had a parachute activity with the other Early Year children. Here the children were able to identify patterns as they were asked to line up following the girl-boy-girl-boy pattern. This activity was not just about playing with the parachute but following instructions and movement exercise as well.

20190130_085458 20190130_090111

We also prepared different Stations for them to go around to. We started making our 100 Days Hat. We colored and used sequins to decorate our hats.

20190130_100441 20190130_100447 20190130_100453 20190130_100507 20190130_102802

The children enjoyed playing Sort 100 Fruits and Shake the Bottle (with 100 pompoms) game. After the games they also danced to their favorite tunes.

20190130_103453 20190130_103754 20190130_103904 20190130_103951 20190130_104103 20190130_104632

To incorporate Digital Literacy, we had a station where they were shown how green screen looked like. Their pictures were then used to create their 100 Days key chain.

20190130_110230 20190130_135514 20190130_135524

They were also taught how to say 100 days in Chinese (Yībǎi Tiān). They were shown how to write in Chinese characters and they also painted their 100 Days Card in Chinese characters.

To end our celebration, the children were given their 100 Days badge.

20190130_140751 20190130_140858

It was a simple celebration but it was truly memorable for the children as we prepared activities they they loved doing while also learning from the activities.


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