Welcome to Nursery

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Taking Care of Myself and My Environment

For the First Quarter in Science, the children have been learning more about themselves as well as other living things around them.

We started the year by learning about our bodies; we studied the different parts of our body and what each of the part does. We played games when learning about the body parts and talked about how each body part function. We had arts and crafts and made our “silly faces”. We even met Mr. Skeleton, and named it Boney Bailey. Also, we talked about how eating the right food can help our body be strong and healthy.

IMG-89e62f5a7e0afe417a1c738d205dbad0-VIMG-0e978215463f2cc930bfd4442b308bb9-V20170929_111710 20170929_111517  IMG-99d75424180e5fa7aadabf106f75aac6-V

IMG-3880728191ea64d59e24ba7d99a5bc13-V IMG-9029b085e1079174b5a121445cc4d66e-V

Of course, it is also important to discuss how we should properly take care of our own body. We practiced brushing our teeth and washing our hands properly. We had an experiment showing why it is important to wash our hands and how germs spread easily by just touching objects and even people. The Nursery children also enjoyed practicing how to take a bath. We used a doll, real shampoo and soap, to show the steps in taking a bath. The children even tried to bathe the doll on their own.

IMG-a7d4e0056646139af32498724f53d165-V IMG-32c0ec42cc04501299bee587fc2b6455-V IMG-f01b70cde01b8d6884a373de16391eef-V IMG-b29e362438df46f4ba2fa182428dac77-V   IMG-279ebeb448d10e4b6db647704253de5e-V IMG-07f873bf11c22da9be923b4b46f3d56c-V

After learning about our own bodies and how to take care of ourselves, we started taking about other living things. We learned that aside from people, plants are also living things.

We started with a plant experiment to show that plants are alive; they grow and that they have needs of their own. The children learned how to plant seeds. We took care of two plants, one was inside the classroom and one was outside. With this, the children discovered that plants don’t only need water but also air and sunlight. As their outdoor plant continues to grow, the indoor plant grew but as days progress, it also died even if we water it every day.

IMG-a8604bbc006ae2e8796e718023e92ad4-V IMG-f4ea805d9e05ab018c5f45d6a278b22d-V  IMG-a76d5741fe6c7e092d1687699d9e58cb-V IMG-e29cc343da8f2d49b6f581bd9df43382-VIMG-6e436330036eca5521a58fe8137e490d-V IMG-44a12a1cb5390fde1d9a7dc796983545-V

With the experiment and our discussions, the kids were able to realize that plants need care. They realized that just like us, plants need food, water, and air to grow and survive.

Our topics for Science during the First Semester taught the Nursery how to value their body and what their bodies can do, as well as appreciate their environment.

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From Counters to Counting

Learning Math or numbers can be a bit intimidating for little humans. That’s why in Nursery, we use different strategies in teaching them the concepts in Math.

We begin the class with some number videos and songs that the kids can sing and dance to. This way, they learn and recognize numerals from what they see in the videos and rote counting from the songs.

12345 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Charlie & the Numbers

The children also enjoyed listening to Number Stories. The stories paved way as we touch on the concept of each numeral.



Kids learn in different ways; The use of concrete materials such as blocks, unifix cubes, toys eggs, and counters show meaning to each number.

image-0-02-06-30cdd9b20df27847e2533df7a5751d1cc3d2f869b56112d6a585a331e0e1cc38-V IMG-582752effe6882f17904eda8b5064368-V IMG-361d8cc932ba5c8cf7a96ccee2545b37-V IMG-9d53aaa5ab18195292a53f7d6cf0ddee-V image-0-02-06-9020047dbe8c30dfd7194bbc40c36537e8e1a9edc6fec74769863b8769b90cc3-V

We even made a Peanut Butter Bear Bread in one of our lessons in teaching the numeral 4. Having the 4 ingredients and following 4 steps in preparing the snack. IMG-cb2aaf1dd381b3352a91e6a8ea49169f-V IMG-9029b085e1079174b5a121445cc4d66e-V IMG-3bea7f9c6e91002d23dc51baf0efb78c-V

We incorporate our topics in Math to different games such as number hop, number fishing, number bingo, and number find.

IMG-ca8e698b22b5c7ba20ee05f856cd6afe-V IMG-7736b08ac334a1b9e1635cde0557378e-V

During Center Time, we use Manipulative such as number insets, number cards, clip cards, number puzzles and counters. We even use iPads in some of our Centers for ordering and matching numbers. We also use clay to practice forming numbers as it also helps in their fine motor skills.

20171002_091131 20171002_090312 20170816_111247 IMG-dbf3ea38e2fe2d8731ee1ffe83ae0639-VIMG-ae8dc841e7fa99f341b19aa2af2f9a8c-V

The kids were exposed to the concepts of Math by doing and discover. Through the various activities presented to them, they were are to learn and play at the same time.

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All About Nursery

Another school year has begun and we couldn’t be more excited to spend the next days, weeks, and months with these amazing children. Let’s take a look on a day in the life of a Nursery student.

In the classroom, we have established rules that we follow in order to make our day to day activity harmonious. The children also learned about the routines we have in class.

A day in Nursery always starts with the children signing in their names and choosing their job for the day. Every day they get to be leaders by choosing their jobs or different task that they can oversee.


Then we begin with our Circle Time. This is the time where we greet on another, sing songs, dance, and check the Calendar and the schedule for the day. Here, the children get to see what their day is going to be and the people they are going to spend the day with.

image-0-02-06-4a3ada3b4ae9ed0c962c78770a8ffdaa925085f6ff5ed50e401a378983349684-V 20170831_105551 image-0-02-06-e3f9adcef606f7b13327ab85c83dfab3c48ac3a2046bb38e849c30131e82270d-V

After our morning routines, we start our lessons for different subjects. We stay in the carpet as concepts as introduced. Here, we listen to Read Alouds, watch videos, and also sing songs. We also incorporate games so children can enjoy learning through play. We also have Center Time where children go around and work on various activities such as art, writing, and using manipulative.

image-0-02-06-8f2398b7654d75bf6ff25db7813484406136679829ac9d6b34488c9bb5f02917-V 20170831_080354image-0-02-06-ed10fb3221e52d9c4342ebc49d13d1c5ed0a8146f177e1421ad79fac92b37a71-V 20170825_103611 20170907_081231

Every day children are encouraged to eat healthy food and after having our meals, we practice brushing our teeth. After lunch, we have nap time, where children can sleep or rest in our nap area.


We end the day by having an outdoor or indoor play. Through play, we build friendship to one another as we share toys in the classroom and play outdoors. Before heading home, we wrap up everything we’ve learned and say our goodbyes.

20170817_134915 20170905_133910image-0-02-06-4b0a748d75d9d603e59bda2b69f666f46a8c35c65cf7610fa5314eb798ccb9c2-V


Today was good

Today was fun

Tomorrow is another one.

-Dr. Seuss




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Welcome to Nursery SY 2017-2018!

Welcome to Nursery! My name is Ms. Mackey Molina, and I am going to be the Nursery teacher this year. I am looking forward to having your children in my class.

I graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a degree in BS Psychology and took my Certification for Professional Teaching in Miriam College. It is my second year here in Chinese International School Manila, and my sixth year in this profession.

A day in Nursery begins as we gather in the carpet to discuss activities and share information about new experiences. This is then followed by singing songs and moving around – to set the pace for learning through different subject areas.  After lunch, we have time to rest and take a nap. This will energize the students as they continue the rest of the day with more fun and learning.  Play is important in the development of every child; it is an essential part in early learning and we provide this as often as possible. I believe that children learn best when they relate learning materials to meaningful experiences. The children will have opportunities to play together before going home.  We end our day with an afternoon carpet time to wrap up and bid our teachers and friends farewell.

We look forward to a wonderful year of exploring and learning with your child. Please make sure that you read and sign your child’s Communication Notebook daily. This is where I will communicate with you by way of note, reminder or concerns that I have about your child and I invite you to do the same.  You may contact me any time via email mmolina@cismanila.org.

Thank you for entrusting your children with us. Rest assured that their best interest is our primary goal.


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The Doctors are In

In Social Studies, we are also learning different people in our community; we talk about how and who are those that help us in different ways.

20170427_134350 20170427_134724

We learned about the people who keep us and our family healthy; the doctors, the nurse, and the dentists. Also those that keep our pets and other animals healthy, the veterinarians. We talked to the nurse in our school to find out what she does and how she help keep us healthy.

We then got to be doctors, nurses, and even veterinarians during our pretend play activity. We took turn finding out how we can help our “patients” healthy.

Our doctors checked their patients and made sure they are healthy.

20170502_100744 20170502_101940 20170502_101538

The nurses checked if the patients eyes are clear using our own Snellen Chart.

20170502_102343 20170502_10062620170502_101307

The veterinarians also took care of our pets and made sure they are not sick.

20170502_100317 20170502_100642


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Easter Celebration

The week before the Easter Break, the School also had their simple Easter Celebration by having an Easter Egg Hunt. For the Nursery class, we had our own take of celebrating Easter through incorporating it in our activities in class.


In anticipation of the Easter Egg Hunt, we had activities in Math related to the celebration. With our topic on identifying which set has More or Less, we had centers and circle time activities prepared for the children to enjoy and learn from.

The children were given two toy eggs which had different number of counters in them. They practiced More or Less by identifying which egg has more or less inside.

20170406_101834 20170406_101838

Their Buddy Work activity also include using toy eggs and counters. They prepared and placed different number of counters inside the eggs and their buddies were the ones to identify which one had More or Less.

20170407_095223 20170407_095322

Our work time also includes bunnies and eggs; having them count the pictures and practice writing the numbers on their own. They colored pictures of the group that had more.

20170407_100802 20170407_100439 20170407_091755 20170407_095313 20170406_102043

Our week ended with an Easter Egg Hunt. They had fun finding eggs and counting the surprise inside their eggs.

20170407_134532 20170407_134601 20170407_134653

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English Week Celebration

Last March 22-24, the school celebrated English Week, it was a week where children participated in various games and activities that were linked to ELA. The celebration is to help empower creativity in students and further develop a love for the English language and literature.

We played letter bingo, where the children were asked to find pictures from their bingo mats beginning with the letter presented to them.

image-0-02-06-b415fa2eacd11fffcc7008aec2ea919624fe80b48bf1280a2906f9a9fc38146b-V[1] image-0-02-06-bad8ad6ab2f39d35557b1107b49e87d4fa9ef1ad4539d0830864bccf0f929246-V[1] image-0-02-06-80a898fbf389f1e4ce9208452c24662388b1c94bcc6069c5a6edce881b98c344-V[1]

We also played alphabet pathway; the children took turns in getting pictured cards and identifyed what letter the picture begins with.

image-0-02-06-679a6451de2f4913bd52a4f3d81a1ff80c9e13df4bb6ca8aad2637b0d757fede-V[1] image-0-02-06-6eb2bed335065b3b9298c4af2b768c593f23d1d3dcb15158b170064979dfb448-V[1] image-0-02-06-4d98b648dcc398a71bdd53008bd54bc1392311d3b7883cbfa8d2177991868f71-V[1] image-0-02-06-00edf448a56a07349ddb9cf92847612810b03c89d8dce8cd4dd9387f0efe78be-V[1]

We also had our own take on Read Alouds. The children picked their favorite book from the Reading Corner, and told their interpretation of the story to their classmates.

20170321_082419[1] 20170321_082514[1] 20170321_082846[1] 20170321_083253[1] 20170321_083601[1]

The children also made their own stories.

New Doc 2017-03-29_4 New Doc 2017-03-29_1 New Doc 2017-03-29_2


The English Week activities made the children appreciate the language more as they practice interpreting books by themselves and practiced their creativity and imagination in writing their own stories.

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Smarter, Wiser, and Brighter

The 100 Days of School celebration marks the special day wherein the children have been going to school for exactly 100 days. This day means that they are now 100 days smarter and wiser. Since their first day in school they have been anticipating for this as they feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment for having been in school for 100 days.

100 Days Banner

February 7 marks the 100th day in school and the Early Years and Elementary students celebrated with different indoor and outdoor activities.


The Early Year students came to school in their 100th year old self. They started the day with an exercise and had a parachute activity.

20170207_081307 20170207_081235  20170207_082601 image-0-02-06-1b9253533a60cec602eca02c7efc388ac9af20dc68976e924f06201832dbbd36-V


They enjoyed listening to Ms. Rica as she reads them the story: There was an Old lady Who Swallowed Some Books.

20170207_083841 20170207_084455

The children had fun interacting with other Early Years children during the snack time picnic.


They also had different center activities inside the classrooms. They showcased their creativity as they decorated their 100 days hat. They demonstrated their knowledge in math as they counted 100 fruit loops and formed the number 100 using their bodies.

20170207_095915 20170207_095238 20170207_095934(0) 20170207_100631

As we end the celebration, the students were awarded their 100 Days badge for being 100 Days smarter. They also decorated their 100 Days Smarter banner by throwing water balloons on it.

image-0-02-06-ac71a4ff43bd8f5b01f5ca76866b2f9c870d58408e1abca85e061a7c328f8cfd-V image-0-02-06-5252ea2e5b2362b04edebfd766ac7782cb1bf82fd29022b24b3b56320c62e2b8-V image-0-02-06-0512ace0484091b376358fb6127e2dafce77b6f1c18c4860a5e4c00af8936ede-V image-0-02-06-54a1306ae2712a45de99d8003a93d0d16bb7523ad266e12f05cd4d792c020dff-V

It was truly a fulfilling day for the children as they get to reflect their activities and experience from the beginning of the school year and now being more than 100 days smarter, wiser, and brighter.



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Chinese New Year Celebration and Sports Day

Last January 27, the school celebrated the Chinese New Year with the help of the Chinese Department; they prepared the children for the celebration through songs and lessons about Chinese New Year.

image-0-02-06-516ddfe899f4cb32e4cf7bf97e94a724db4b77a0ff0bcf275eb09e91cf69dadc-V image-0-02-06-48b6d8f8181057edeba7b3d1226dff90875ee5908ef9ec8f0f7882b3bf867033-V image-0-02-06-903dece2e4bb06cdd286877bf9174d7140d8980b88063042c50bbf947c49eb24-V

The nursery children was filled with joy as they watched the Lion Dance together with the whole school. They were truly amazed by their performance and excited knowing that the Lion will visit their classroom.

IMG_3136  20170127_090831 image-0-02-06-a03301b3ac2ee449cafaf0e39f3206373c94c652c2f69c15b445602af06688e3-V  IMG_3142

The children also had a presentation showcasing their talent in dancing and singing a Chinese Song about Animals of the Zodiac. They had so much fun performing in their animal costumes together with the Pre-K children.

image-0-02-06-878f6c8f76b0bd1e0347a19018896a3160b3ca8846b99c1b57c5d28f8fd6888a-V image-0-02-06-372b7df1bd204c0eda5f0ded2c837691cd684d019b7965848325ef77e7664182-V IMG_3191

After the morning festivities of the Chinese New Year, the children enjoyed playing games during the Sports Day prepared by the P.E. Department.

20170127_121503 20170127_121440 20170127_121447 20170127_121436

The children enjoyed the rest of the afternoon playing different sports and games with their fellow schoolmates from Pre-K and Kinder.

20170127_132929 20170127_132916 20170127_124049 20170127_124008 20170127_123957 20170127_123946 20170127_12411920170127_121858 20170127_121856 20170127_121440

The events from the two departments were a success. Children had fun learning and being exposed to another Chinese tradition, Chinese New Year. To end the day, they were able to display team work and camaraderie through Sports Day activities.

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Having Fun with Letters

We’re half way towards the end of the school year and we would like to share our daily routine in English Language Arts.

We start our day with a few songs such as:

Phonics Song 2

Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

Children regularly listen to stories and even made up their own stories based on what they see in pictured books. Stories during Read Aloud introduce the different letters for every week and helps children practice their listening skills. Read Aloud also paves way in helping build their vocabulary as they learn new words from the books read to them.

We use different play activities to support letter and sound recognition that is also engaging for children. Activities such as digging for letters or pictures, matching flower pots, and simple puzzles are some of the activities we do in Nursery.

 20161125_075942     20161124_100338 20161110_07581720161125_075639

Our Center Time Activities serve as support in the learning of letters and its sound. It is also a way for children to exercise their fine-motor skills and creativity.

We use letters to form different animals or objects that begin with that letter; this is also one way of helping children remember the letters better.

20161004_082329 20161010_082343 20161117_141447 20170126_093559

We practice writing using different writing tools. We also use clay to form the letters as a an exercise for their fine-motor. Children also enjoy using ink dabbers to form the letters and help them practice the proper stroke of the letters.

image-0-02-06-35df705e40cff5d974aa347994f5c488aa59c3cfb963fc4bbed47b77d0544249-V image-0-02-01-b1f7f0f3e4f384ca1d55b34af8b3c26e9a12a256ef3759008ec8f8def8b992de-V  20160905_080937 image-0-02-06-2a048692d8a890070f275b1ddb2081e5d8b53cf1ce8b555b15b6ae151fa2b1be-Vimage-0-02-01-ef072e2d88f4a59160e25743f6dbc4ab2585f8c4bf466bf0cad56e8dab7d847a-V

Letter find, alphabet insets, free drawing, and reading time are some of the activities the nursery children enjoy.

20161010_081806 20160908_081405 20160905_081319

These simple activities continue to help the Nursery children grasp different concepts and skills presented to them in a fun and meaningful way.




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