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Building an Awesome Year!

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“You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”       -Dr. Seuss


The first week of school was awesome indeed! No mountain was high for the Nursery children, as they came to school with enthusiasm and open-mind. The week was filled with fun activities that helped the children get used to the different routines in school. With their eagerness, it didn’t take long for them to settle and be comfortable with their new environment. The children were able to get to know each other more as they bonded over activities, circle time, and playtime. They were able to work together in games and help each other in activities.

image-0-02-01-eaf59836ac888970319517e68de5c3f6636124cf255c741577006b55e9b705e9-V 20160809_105600IMG_7639 IMG_7643     20160818_095910 20160818_100044_001 20160811_082226 

Their enthusiasm were shown as they meet their new teachers. Excitement filled their eyes as they participated in the different activities prepared for them in every subjects.

20160809_094343 image-0-02-01-36defd8e8bda64ad69a048842df2d3556910fa167597c4348f4753124ce3f281-VIMG_7728 image-0-02-01-4abf1cf32b409282a0cc287751f27e94822a864f99414a1f1a5f696343beece8-V IMG_7741  20160811_083614 FullSizeRender_2 20160809_130513

Part of their daily routine is taking care of themselves; they practice being healthy as they are taught to wash their hands, brush their teeth and change their clothes on their own.

20160826_132356 20160816_100659

Even during nap time, they still find joy in seeing they have their own spots to rest to.


The getting to know part has just begun, and we’re on to a journey of learning and helping one another grow. The optimistic attitude to learning of both students and teachers is truly a mark of an awesome year ahead… To greater heights and wonderful places.


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  1. Manuel Antonio Ochoa Valdes says:

    Thank you so much Ms. Mackey for allow Us to enjoy the pictures and be part of their experiences at their second home.

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