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Around the World in a Day with Nursery

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“We are like a box of crayons.

Each one of us unique.

But when we get together…

The picture is complete.”

-The Crayon Box that Talked

CISM celebrated UN Day with the theme: Around the World in a Day. This event expressed the diversity of the school and how when we are placed together, we become whole.

The students, teachers, and staff came together wearing different national costumes during the event. The day started with the Parade of Nations; showing the whole school different nationalities and costumes. The Nursery children had fun seeing different National costumes or different countries.


After the Assembly, the Nursery went to the Travel Expo prepared by Middle and Upper School students. They were able to go around the world with the different activities prepared by the students. The children also learned something new about the different countries they went to.

The first country they visited was USA; the Grade 10 students made them experience one of the activity that Americans liked doing: camping. The Nursery kids had a camping activity where they made S’mores and listened to a story.

20161027_100554 20161027_100717 20161027_101334 20161027_101346

Then, they went to see Hong Kong. Grade 8 students introduced to them Cherry Blossoms and rainbow grilled cheese. The children made Cherry Blossoms using plastic bottles and paint. The Grade 8 also prepared rainbow grilled cheese for the Nursery kids to munch on after doing their artwork.


 20161027_104221 20161027_104214 20161027_104232  20161027_104208

Lastly, another batch of Grade 8 students shared their knowledge about Switzerland. Nursery children learned simple facts about the country during the activity. They also did some art activities such as: book mark making, flag coloring, and drawing.

20161027_110659 20161027_111956

During Lunch, we shared food with the rest of the school. The children were able to see and taste some of the food known to different countries.

20161027_123045 20161027_123035

There’s diversity even in Nursery as we come from different places. But it is also in events like these that allow us to see and appreciate the similarities and differences among us…

img_9459 img_9322

How we are the same and different makes us a class. :)

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