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The Curious Mind of Little Humans

“Questions are more important than answers… If I were a fairy godmother, my gift to every child would be curiosity.”

-Jeanne Bendick

In Nursery, we develop the children’s curiosity and analytical thinking by letting them be little explorers. Children are exposed to activities that help them think and practice their skills.

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As a teacher, I try to teach my students that Science is not just a subject but a part of everyday life; being able to see that everything around them is a part of Science makes their learning even more meaningful.

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We started with ourselves and learned more about our body and how to take care of the different parts. We practiced taking care of ourselves regularly and also during our Center Time activities.

Nature walk activities not only let them appreciate their environment but also practice their senses and observational skills more.

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Classroom teaching is just an introduction to what they are about to learn. In the concept of living things, having them take care of their own plant supplies further knowledge and understanding of the characteristic and concepts. Nursery children were able to compare the different parts of their plants as they grow. They were able to see how each week their plant changes from a seed to a plant. Learning these concepts are easier for them to grasp as the application and actual observation serve as a tool for comprehension.

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Everyday these children get excited to see their plant; they have that drive to find out what will happen and question the outcome of what they see. It sparks their mind to investigate and be curious, which in turn leads to deeper knowledge.

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With all these, it is not just about knowing and learning about the subject and concepts. They also get to have that sense of responsibility of taking care of themselves and of something else.



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