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Christmas Cheer 2016

In line with the season of giving, the Early Years and Elementary Years  had their take on spreading the Christmas Spirit through their Service Learning Program.

Together with the MovEd Foundation, children from CISM were able to spread the love and share with their new buddies.


Different activities were planned throughout the day. The children started with a warm up exercise and parachute play.

20161209_083011 20161209_083031 20161209_083150 20161209_083325 20161209_083204

Then, the children had a picnic and shared their snacks with their new buddies.

20161209_085242 20161209_085355

After having their snacks, the children moved to different places for the activities. They helped their buddies prepare a healthy meal.

20161209_091313 20161209_091324 20161209_091333 20161209_091818 20161209_091658 20161209_091531

What’s Christmas without a Tree, they all worked together to make a Christmas Tree that their friends can bring home.

20161209_093800 20161209_093725 20161209_093716

After a busy morning, these children were able to enjoy listening to different stories and also making their own hand puppets.

20161209_100130 20161209_095602 20161209_100242 20161209_100156 20161209_102230 20161209_102227

Working together on some Math and Science activities were also fun for these children.

20161209_104551 20161209_103744 20161209_104950 20161209_103706 20161209_103714

The day ended with our children giving gifts to their new friends.

20161209_112007 20161209_112012

The Christmas Cheer was truly a success as we get to see and learn from simple acts of kindness. It was such a fulfilling activity knowing that children are learning from what they are actually doing. They learn first hand on what it means to share, and what Christmas is really about.



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Math is Fun

“The only way to learn mathematics

is to do mathematics”

-Paul Halmos

Throughout the semester, nursery children are learning about numbers, counting, and other math concepts such as shapes and the use of positional language. But how does one really learn about math?

In Nursery, we expose children to simple math skills such as counting or number recognition as part of our daily routine. We check the calendar daily and they are easily exposed to recognizing numerals. We practice taking turns and counting to certain numbers and pass our toy to another friend. Those simple activities help the process of learning simple math skills.

During math time, we use songs and videos for different math concepts. The nursery children enjoy singing  songs and watching the videos.

Number Song:


Shape Song:


Positional Language:


We use movement and games to practice the different concepts that we teach. Different learning centers are prepared everyday for children to enjoy and learn at the same time.

20161117_095547 20161117_095518 20161117_095436 image-0-02-06-b34d81e9c9f146ade6c9385f7bbaa5ab0bb1be0da4ada630938447929c2456ee-v image-0-02-06-84bb4cf1b8c128c7df7bdb8594deca2e37ddddc02e80da446f025be0aee6dda8-v

Learning centers such as number hop, counting toys and shapes, sorting toys, and puzzles are included in our daily activities.

20160906_085147 20161014_092538 20160906_090359 20160930_102253 20160908_102857 20160818_095910

As much as we can, we make their learning experiential and meaningful for them to have a better understanding of the subject.


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