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Smarter, Wiser, and Brighter

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The 100 Days of School celebration marks the special day wherein the children have been going to school for exactly 100 days. This day means that they are now 100 days smarter and wiser. Since their first day in school they have been anticipating for this as they feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment for having been in school for 100 days.

100 Days Banner

February 7 marks the 100th day in school and the Early Years and Elementary students celebrated with different indoor and outdoor activities.


The Early Year students came to school in their 100th year old self. They started the day with an exercise and had a parachute activity.

20170207_081307 20170207_081235  20170207_082601 image-0-02-06-1b9253533a60cec602eca02c7efc388ac9af20dc68976e924f06201832dbbd36-V


They enjoyed listening to Ms. Rica as she reads them the story: There was an Old lady Who Swallowed Some Books.

20170207_083841 20170207_084455

The children had fun interacting with other Early Years children during the snack time picnic.


They also had different center activities inside the classrooms. They showcased their creativity as they decorated their 100 days hat. They demonstrated their knowledge in math as they counted 100 fruit loops and formed the number 100 using their bodies.

20170207_095915 20170207_095238 20170207_095934(0) 20170207_100631

As we end the celebration, the students were awarded their 100 Days badge for being 100 Days smarter. They also decorated their 100 Days Smarter banner by throwing water balloons on it.

image-0-02-06-ac71a4ff43bd8f5b01f5ca76866b2f9c870d58408e1abca85e061a7c328f8cfd-V image-0-02-06-5252ea2e5b2362b04edebfd766ac7782cb1bf82fd29022b24b3b56320c62e2b8-V image-0-02-06-0512ace0484091b376358fb6127e2dafce77b6f1c18c4860a5e4c00af8936ede-V image-0-02-06-54a1306ae2712a45de99d8003a93d0d16bb7523ad266e12f05cd4d792c020dff-V

It was truly a fulfilling day for the children as they get to reflect their activities and experience from the beginning of the school year and now being more than 100 days smarter, wiser, and brighter.



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