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English Week Celebration

Last March 22-24, the school celebrated English Week, it was a week where children participated in various games and activities that were linked to ELA. The celebration is to help empower creativity in students and further develop a love for the English language and literature.

We played letter bingo, where the children were asked to find pictures from their bingo mats beginning with the letter presented to them.

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We also played alphabet pathway; the children took turns in getting pictured cards and identifyed what letter the picture begins with.

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We also had our own take on Read Alouds. The children picked their favorite book from the Reading Corner, and told their interpretation of the story to their classmates.

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The children also made their own stories.

New Doc 2017-03-29_4 New Doc 2017-03-29_1 New Doc 2017-03-29_2


The English Week activities made the children appreciate the language more as they practice interpreting books by themselves and practiced their creativity and imagination in writing their own stories.

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