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Another school year has begun and we couldn’t be more excited to spend the next days, weeks, and months with these amazing children. Let’s take a look on a day in the life of a Nursery student.

In the classroom, we have established rules that we follow in order to make our day to day activity harmonious. The children also learned about the routines we have in class.

A day in Nursery always starts with the children signing in their names and choosing their job for the day. Every day they get to be leaders by choosing their jobs or different task that they can oversee.


Then we begin with our Circle Time. This is the time where we greet on another, sing songs, dance, and check the Calendar and the schedule for the day. Here, the children get to see what their day is going to be and the people they are going to spend the day with.

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After our morning routines, we start our lessons for different subjects. We stay in the carpet as concepts as introduced. Here, we listen to Read Alouds, watch videos, and also sing songs. We also incorporate games so children can enjoy learning through play. We also have Center Time where children go around and work on various activities such as art, writing, and using manipulative.

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Every day children are encouraged to eat healthy food and after having our meals, we practice brushing our teeth. After lunch, we have nap time, where children can sleep or rest in our nap area.


We end the day by having an outdoor or indoor play. Through play, we build friendship to one another as we share toys in the classroom and play outdoors. Before heading home, we wrap up everything we’ve learned and say our goodbyes.

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Today was good

Today was fun

Tomorrow is another one.

-Dr. Seuss




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