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Taking Care of Myself and My Environment

For the First Quarter in Science, the children have been learning more about themselves as well as other living things around them.

We started the year by learning about our bodies; we studied the different parts of our body and what each of the part does. We played games when learning about the body parts and talked about how each body part function. We had arts and crafts and made our “silly faces”. We even met Mr. Skeleton, and named it Boney Bailey. Also, we talked about how eating the right food can help our body be strong and healthy.

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Of course, it is also important to discuss how we should properly take care of our own body. We practiced brushing our teeth and washing our hands properly. We had an experiment showing why it is important to wash our hands and how germs spread easily by just touching objects and even people. The Nursery children also enjoyed practicing how to take a bath. We used a doll, real shampoo and soap, to show the steps in taking a bath. The children even tried to bathe the doll on their own.

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After learning about our own bodies and how to take care of ourselves, we started taking about other living things. We learned that aside from people, plants are also living things.

We started with a plant experiment to show that plants are alive; they grow and that they have needs of their own. The children learned how to plant seeds. We took care of two plants, one was inside the classroom and one was outside. With this, the children discovered that plants don’t only need water but also air and sunlight. As their outdoor plant continues to grow, the indoor plant grew but as days progress, it also died even if we water it every day.

IMG-a8604bbc006ae2e8796e718023e92ad4-V IMG-f4ea805d9e05ab018c5f45d6a278b22d-V  IMG-a76d5741fe6c7e092d1687699d9e58cb-V IMG-e29cc343da8f2d49b6f581bd9df43382-VIMG-6e436330036eca5521a58fe8137e490d-V IMG-44a12a1cb5390fde1d9a7dc796983545-V

With the experiment and our discussions, the kids were able to realize that plants need care. They realized that just like us, plants need food, water, and air to grow and survive.

Our topics for Science during the First Semester taught the Nursery how to value their body and what their bodies can do, as well as appreciate their environment.

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