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Little Writers

Stories play an integral role in the growth and development of each child. Children build ideas around the stories we read to them. When they listen to stories, children use their imagination and help develop their creativity. As they listen to the story, they capture the images in their mind and even make up new ones that will help them recall and make stories in the future.


In Nursery, we have our usual read alouds then talk about what happened in the story. During read aloud, the kids are able to practice their listening skills. Listening to stories also enhance their vocabulary. Children hear new words every time stories are read to them. In turn, they ask about the word how these words are used, creating a wider range of vocabulary.

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In class, aside from learning about the alphabet and writing, we also talk about how books are written. As the children learn about the Parts of a Book and the Elements of a Story, they also had an idea on how to make their own story.

Part of what the children are learning in ELA is how to create their own story.  They were able to come up with a simple story using the Elements of a Story.

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They started by choosing character/s for their book. They gave them names, described how they look like as well as the characters’ personality. They also thought of where the setting took place.

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By working together, they were able to make a whole story. One-by-one, each child shared what they want to happen in the story.

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