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A Healthy Me

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As we end our journey on learning about our bodies, we also took on ways on being healthy. In Nursery, we don’t just want them to learn about the parts and function of their body but also start learning how to take care of their own body.

We started the year talking about being healthy and what it takes to be healthy. We identified healthy foods and what these food can do for our body. We discussed why it is important to exercise and how it can help keep us strong. We ended the first quarter learning ways on taking care of our own body.

We showed them how to take a bath properly and even had them try it on the doll.

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We also showed them the proper way of brushing their teeth. Since it is a regular practice in Nursery for them to brush after eating, we are able to practice and remind them the proper way of brushing teeth.

20181002_131420 20181002_131810 20181002_131503 20181002_131740

We had an experiment on how germs can easily spread by just a simple touch. We used glitters as an example for the “germs”; we let them shake and touch the hands of their classmates and see if they had “germs” in their hands. They tried different ways to remove the “germs”, such as alcohol, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and water and soap. Which led them to realize that the most effective way of cleaning our hands is by using soap and water. They then practiced the proper way of washing hands

20181001_084622 20181001_084754 20181001_084851 20181001_084948 20181001_085217 20181001_090013 20181001_085738

We had so much learning experience throughout the month of October, and this is just one of the many activities we had this month.


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