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The Nursery children are continuously learning about letters; as part of our ELA class, we learn about the different letters and its sound. Every week we take on a different letter to practice and master its sound and how it is written.

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As part of the subject, we also encourage them to read books even though they are still mastering letter sounds. How? By creating their own story based on the pictures they see in books. It is a good practice to develop their love for books and creativity. Aside from the Read Aloud that we do regularly, we give them time to read books in our mini library. Here they can choose the book/s they like and even read it to their friends, they can even share a book to their classmates and read it together.

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This quarter, the class learned more about creating a story. They were exposed to the different elements of a story which paved way in helping them create their own story.

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In line with the Book Week Celebration, the Nursery class made their first Book. We started by identifying the characters they want in their story and who the story is about. Then led to the setting of the story. One by one, we were able to make a short story.


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After making the story, each child drew a scene from the story and pasted it on the pages of the book. We read the story again and the children decided on the title of their story. They came up with the whole thing on their own and are very proud to be able to create their own story.

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The children were really proud of the book they made and wanted to create more books. They put in much effort in creating their book and the finished product made them so happy and inspired that they can further create more.


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