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Festive February

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We started the month celebrating the Chinese New Year. It is one of the biggest event that we celebrate in school. We had different activities that the children engaged in and enjoyed.


The first activity we had was the Lion Dance, a tradition that we practice in school and in the Chinese culture to bring luck and fortune. Together with the whole school, we gathered and watched as the Lion Dancers perform.

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After the Lion Dance, the Early Years and Elementary had a presentation for the event. The Nursery kids sang and danced to the song Gong Xi Gong Xi. They worked hard and practiced for weeks for their performance and we couldn’t be any prouder.

IMG-cd34521bbab06374b98ef52999e36074-V IMG-fc5979e72450d87b46be999a9e657b84-V

Then, we had a cooking activity in the classroom. The Nursery kids cooked Nian Gao or Tikoy, a Chinese dessert served during Chinese New Year. The children helped in preparing the ingredients as well as cooking the food.

IMG-8e6dc7d1f524c9e405ad8a5e96c635f2-V 20190204_103827 20190204_103505 20190204_104449

We ended the celebration by making an art activity. We had them paint, in a caligraphy like, the characters: 四 季 平 安 and 出 入 平 安, which means safe all year. It symbolizes prosperity for the New Year.


It was indeed a festive start of the month. It was a day of celebrating tradition as well as learning more about the Chinese culture.

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