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“Think left and think right

and think low and think high.

Oh. the thinks you can think up

if only you try”

-Dr. Seuss

It’s the time of the year where in the Nursery class had to prepare and perform for their class assembly. Through the assembly, it gives them the opportunity to come up with ideas and express it through song and dance.

During planning, we talked about our topic and the students were guided in collaborating on how their assembly will go. We, as a class, worked together to create a performance that will convey their message.

The Nursery class was able to showcase their skills and talent during the class assembly. They were able to share their knowledge about the IB Learner Profile: thinkers.


The children planned and practiced for their performance for weeks and was able to successfully convey what it takes to be a thinker.


For the kids, thinkers are coming up with ideas, using their heads in answering the questions, as well as using what they know to solve a problem. Aside from those things, they thought that there are also ways on how to be a good thinker. Like making good choices, thinking about other people, as well as our environment.


The children confidently expressed their thoughts on the topic and was able to convey it well during the assembly. They were really proud that they were able to plan and execute in front of the school and their parents as well.





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