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Awesome April

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April was such a busy month filled with learning and different events in school. Aside from the Easter celebration, it was an eventful month for the children.

First, we celebrated the Math Week. It was a week of different games and brain teasers not only during Math period but even during our homeroom time and playtime.

In preparation for the week, the Nursery class made a caterpillar pattern. They chose two colors to work on and created a pattern while forming a caterpillar. After creating their caterpillar, they decorated their works with pompom balls.

20190410_132112 20190410_105625

Some of the activities done during Math week were the estimation jar, where they guessed how many cubes were in the jar. They also created patterns and shapes using tangram puzzles. In class, addition was introduced, which they made use of an addition machine to understand the concept of putting together.

20190425_104942 20190425_111425 20190425_112035 20190425_11223120190425_11220620190425_11221720190425_111653

Next, we also celebrated English Week, which children were able to practiced what they learned in ELA in the activities. They played letter bingo and letter board game. Aside from it being a game, they were able to use and practice what they learned in class.

They also had storytelling activity in class, where they picked out their favourite book and tell the story to their friends. During the last day of the English Week, they came in dressed as their favourite storybook characters.


Lastly, just before the Easter break, we celebrated Easter. Aside from the usual egg hunt, the children were taught how Easter started. In Math, their activities involve comparing numbers using toy eggs, and even their worksheets are also Easter themed.

20190408_123042 20190408_123016

With all the activities and the events, we didn’t even notice that April came to and end. It was a busy month, but it was surely filled with learning and enjoyment.


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