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English Language Art or ELA is one of the core subjects we teach as early as Nursery. Even as young as they are, we expose them in books, letters, and writing activities. We read them books to encourage them to develop their language skills as well as comprehension skills. Even though they are not yet readers, reading to them helps in helping them focus and introducing letters.

In ELA, we introduce letters every week. In learning about letters, we teach them the letter sounds as well as to know how to write it properly. Learning about letter sounds will further help them understand how to put those sound together to make a word.

We start each week with a book to introduce the letter for the week. We also process the story to help them understand and comprehend what the story is about.


We also have games to encourage them that learning about letters is fun. This way they can practice recognizing letters and its sound while having fun.


Our Center activities also include reading in our mini library. Although they are not yet readers, they practice their book handling skills, and learn how to use a book properly. They read the book by making stories out of the pictures while also exposing them to letters and words from the books.

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During Center activities, we have sound recognition wherein they find words beginning with letters. Also, finding the letter for the week.

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They also have arts and crafts where they turn the letter to something that begins with the same letter, such as A for Alligator.

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We also have puzzle for them to practice on. Puzzles include letters and picture of its beginning sound. Furthermore, puzzles also help them develop their hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.


With our Writing Center, we start by giving them prewriting skills. We practice first forming letters using clay, or blocks, or other manipulative. For readiness in writing, we practice writing letters on sand so they can see how each letters are formed and they practice their stroke by writing on the sand. We have tracing activities and also practice writing by themselves.

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Children learn in different ways, that is why in Nursery, we expose them to different activities to help them learn more and at the same time have fun with these activities.



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