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October Festivities

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This month was the busiest month we had, by far. The school had two events: The UN Day Celebration and the Halloween Celebration.

Each week was filled with learning, as well as preparation on the different events that was about to take place.

The UN Day Celebration started with a program where children from Nursery to Grade 5 took part of. Students and faculty came together and wore different tradition costumes from all around the world.

IMG-7649360272b04058d170890ee9bd5099-V 20191018_074026

Children from Upper School also had activities with the children; they had Cultural workshops where they were shown cultures and tradition of different countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

20191018_095719 20191018_104012

For the last day before the break, the children, together with the whole Early Years division, has an amazing and spooky day to celebrate Halloween.

Students and teachers came in wearing their favorite Halloween costumes. Some were spooky and some were whimsical, but nonetheless, both awesome and amazing.


To set the mood, the classroom doors were turned into different Halloween characters.

20191025_100613 20191025_095644 20191025_095448 20191025_085847

Children went around different centers/classrooms and had some Halloween activities.

They enjoyed dancing to Halloween songs and playing Halloween themed games.

20191025_100035 20191025_082156 20191025_082436 20191025_082320 20191025_082605

They made their own loot bag and turned it into a Jack-o-Lantern.

20191025_083647 20191025_084026 20191025_085631

They prepared a snack: Creepy Crawler; which is made up of chocolate pudding, cookies, and gummy worms.

20191025_090102 20191025_090339 20191025_091010

Lastly, they made their own ‘bat hats’.

20191025_092827 20191025_093017 20191025_093832

The Early Years had a picnic for snacks.


We ended our day having a Trick-or-Treat activity which was prepared by the PSA.

20191025_104145 20191025_104323 20191025_104301

The effort and hard work was all worth it, seeing how the children engaged and enjoyed the different activities.

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