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Shapes All Around Us

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“The shape of you,

the shape of me,

the shape of everything I see”

-Dr. Seuss, The Shape of Me and Other Things

Just like in every core subjects we have, we also connect every lesson in our day-to-day lives. we give meaning on how these topics can be related to our surroundings. For this instance, students explored on the different shape that makes a person, a thing, or everything they see around them. They found meaning on shapes, not just by its attributes, but by the things they see around them, such as a door, their face, or what shapes can be combined to form an animal or even their whole body.

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Even if its a Math subject, we always have read aloud to introduce new topics such as numbers and even shapes. We use videos and songs for students to easily remember the concepts being discussed and capture their attention. We have games to ensure that children are having fun while learning.

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Individual activities are centered on learning through play and independent work. We use different manipulative to practice their skills. Centers are in group and individual activities that caters to their readiness in learning and application of skills. We also have art works as well as pen and paper activities. The topics are supported with the centers that the children work on individually.

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Just like school, Math doesn’t need to be scary, it can also be meaningful. In Nursery, we make Math fun so children can have fun learning the concepts that would sure to retain as they move on to other topics.

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