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Chinese New Year Celebration

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Chinese New Year is one of the major events the school celebrates. Students and faculty prepare for this celebration weeks before we welcome the Lunar year.

Last January 24, the CISM family celebrated the Chinese New Year. We started the day watching the Lion Dance presentation with the whole school.

20200124_081525(1) 20200124_082123  20200124_081953

The Lion Dancers also went to our classroom and students had the chance to see them up close.

20200124_083425 20200124_083440 IMG-86bb42fb2fdfb52950b2c6066c76c06a-V 20200124_083619 IMG-0e2674878f7598b519794638d49d9f7d-V

The Lower School had a program in the Gym, where all grade performed. The Nursery class showed off their talents by singing and dancing.


After the morning activities, the students spent the afternoon cooking tikoy. A Chinese desert served during Chinese New Year. The class talked about what it is made of and how to prepare the desert. They also helped in preparing and cooking the desert.

IMG-63bf441833047280a929d12ad30d159c-V 20200124_112139IMG-67fcaf5e4437e6a4560110df294c7230-V IMG-5b321aed636af7515c49b6f7bb09a65b-V IMG-1f04e441fef8c97b2897b58e24c49447-V IMG-6cf5969fb3766d77b716b7b7add3bf32-V 20200124_131827

At the end of the day, we shared the desert with our Early Years family.

It was an eventful day filled with learning as the students were able to learn about the Chinese culture. The Nursery students sure did enjoy their first Chinese New Year Celebration.

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