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Science and Every Day life cannot and should not be separated.

-Rosalind Franklin

Children are born curious; they are thirsty for knowledge and eager to find all the answers they can get. It our duty as adult, and educator, to help them crave for more than what they already know and fill them up with answers that will also lead for them to find out more about the world and everything else.

In Science, we teach students how to discover and learn through finding things out. We let them become Scientist and explore the things around them. For Nursery, we began the year of talking about our body and senses and then branch out to the things around us.

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We talked about Living Things, and began our topic in animals. We discovered different types of animals and how they are different from one another.

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We talked about plants and found out that like us, plants too have body parts. We explored our community and saw different types of plants and how each one looks different and/or the same, just like us human beings.

20200219_101631 20200219_101724 20200219_101758 20200219_101727

We are doing experiments and learning how plants would react to different places and if they are given partial needs. Through this process, the kids can actually see which needs will help the plants grow and they can experience growing their own plants. This also led to them learning how to take care of other living things. Everyday they get to see and observe their plants and it has been part of our routine to check on our plants.

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With the recent virus spreading around the globe, we used it as a learning experience that kids can explore on. Together with Pre-Kindergarten, we had a Germ experiment to see how fast germs can spread on food and the importance of hand washing. We explored on how easily germs can affect our food and ourselves when we place food on dirty places or touch the food with our dirty hands.

20200219_123957 20200219_12404220200219_124907 20200228_143016

We also had an experiment to know the importance of washing hands and not just using alcohol or sanitizers. We used glitter as the germ and realize that germs can spread easily when we touch people or things.

20200228_095838 20200228_095652 20200228_100027 20200228_10005920200228_095901 20200228_095908

We tried using wipes and alcohol to see if it can take away the germs. With this experiment, children saw the importance of proper hand washing and not just washing our hands with water. We reviewed and practiced the steps in proper hand washing.

20200228_100246 20200228_100405 20200228_100735 20200228_101108

Science is a fun subject that goes hand-in-hand with our daily lives and our surroundings, simply because Science is about everything around us. Children across all levels enjoy this subject because it can be related to our everyday lives. As long as we fuel their curiosity, they will continue to explore and discover more of what Science is about.

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